TTAs recruited in year 2007 & 2008 are facing less salary after wage-revision. Before wage revision TTA's were in the NE-9 scale (7100-200-10100), after wage-revision TTA's will get (13600-3%-25420). Now TTA's SALARY IS DECREASING, EPF-CONTRIBUTION IS DECREASING. Same case happened in Govt. of Tamilnadu in last wage-revision then Govt. of Tamilnadu has issued an order to provide fitment to all employees recruited before issuing of new wage-revision order. We request all associations/unions to intervene the issue to protect future of young, dynamic & energetic youths recruited as TTA.

We appreciate the kind consideration by CHQ towards views of post 2007 DRTTAs for filing the court-case for granting "30% FITMENT_BENEFIT TO POST 2007 TTAs". All TTAs are requested here to submit Rs 200/- as soon as possible to his Area Cashier for submitting the amount to CHQ for legal issues.

22 DEC 2012
SNATTA CTD has submitted Rs. 15000/- to CHQ for legal fund towards court-case for "FITMENT TO POST 2007 TTAs". Our Treasurer Sri Swaraj Santra Ji has submitted the amount to CHQ account on 13th April. We will not stop here , our collection is going on and we promise to whole SNATTIANS for more collection form CTD. We put thanks here to our TTA friends of CTD for their believe in us.
09 MAY 2011
SNATTA has filed a case today in Honb'le CAT, Chandigarh for granting FITMENT TO POST 2007 TTAs. We put here many-many THANKS to Sri Pradip Ji, Sri Hardeep Ji and all CHQ leaders for taking a meaningful step
MOU signed between DOT and BSNL - 2013 - 2014.
18 Apr 2014

Meeting Regarding Designation Change

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Management has called upon a meeting of Joint Committee to suggest change in designation of major Non-executive cadre.The meeting is scheduled to be held on 24.04.2014.

24 Mar 2014

JAC writes to CMD,BSNL regarding Wage Erosion issue

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As per the decision of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Unions and Associations of Non-Executives, held at New Delhi on 11.03.2014, letter is written to the CMD BSNL, demanding to immediately settle the wage reduction issue of those who are appointed on or after 01.01.2007, by granting 30% fitment.

19 Mar 2014 4

With profound grief, it is intimated that Comrade Rakesh Kumar Bhatt, TTA, posted at Muktsar, Ferozpur SSA, of Punjab Telecom circle, met with an accident & had breadth his last in that accident, at his home town Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh on dated 10-03-2014. He was only 37 years old and had left behind his wife, two daughters, a six month old son and ailing parents.

SNATTA CTD salutes Com. Rakesh Kumar Bhatt & pays respectful homage to the departed leader. Also, SNATTA expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members, relatives & friends and is committed to stand by the aggrieved family in this time of great loss and distress.

SNATTA CTD prays to the Almighty to provide his family with sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis and to bear with the irreparable loss. We also pray so that the eternal soul rests in peace

13 Mar 2014

Meeting of all Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL, held at New Delhi.

A meeting of all the unions and associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL was held at New Delhi, yesterday the 11-03-2014. The meeting was held in the office of BSNL MS and was attended by the general secretaries of BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL, FNTO, BTEU BSNL, SNATTA, NFTBE and BTU BSNL. It was also attended by com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and representatives of BSNL MS, TEPU, BSNL ATM and ITEF. Com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE BSNL presided over the meeting. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, welcomed every one and explained about the purpose of the meeting. Thereafter, a detailed discussion took place on the pending burning issues of the Non-Executives as well about the indifferent and insensitive attitude of the BSNL Management, towards the settlement of them. The issues that are to be taken up with the Management were identified. It was decided to immediately submit a memorandum on the pending issues to the Management and also to go on struggle, demanding settlement. It was decided that the struggle will take place after the forthcoming elections to the parliament. However, in view of the urgency of the issues, it was decided to conduct a dharna by the General Secretaries in the Corporate Office, in this month itself.

_______________________________________________________________Courtesy: NFTE CHQ Site

13 Mar 2014

Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL formed

With a view to conduct sustained struggles for the settlement of the important and burning problems of the Non-Executives, it was decided to form a platform of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL. Accordingly the Joint Action Committee of the Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL was formed in yesterday's meeting. The following comrades are unanimously elected as the office bearers of the JAC.
President: Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE BSNL.
Convener: Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU.
Joint Convener: Com.Jayaprakash, GS, FNTO.
Joint Convener: Com.Pawan Meena, GS, SNATTA.
Treasurer: Com.R.C.Pandey, GS, BTEU BSNL.
All the General Secretaries of the affiliated Unions and Associations will be the members of the JAC.

_______________________________________________________________Courtesy: NFTE CHQ Site

10 Mar 2014

Meeting of All Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives to be held at New Delhi on 11.03.2014

A meeting of All Unions and Associations of the Non-Executives of BSNL will take place at 16:00 hrs on 11.03.2014 at the BSNL MS office, New Delhi. The meeting will discuss about the important pending demands/problems of the Non-Executives and will chalk out action programme for the settlement of the same.SNATTA CHQ leadership will also join this discussion and will place the burning issues of newly recruited TTAs.Our GS Shri Pawan Meena and Shri Naresh Valkatti will attend this meeting on behalf of SNATTA CHQ.

05 Mar 2014

An appeal to all the members of SNATTACTD

As per our decision in Annual General Body meeting on 24.02.2014, SNATTACTD is taking initiative for improving our business in Calcutta Telephones and help the marketing wing. DGM(S&M-II) CM, Calcutta Telephones also appeal to all employees vide letter no: NO.22/Sales/Staff Dated at Kolkata, the 26th Feb?2014 for help the marketing wing to increase sale of BSNL. In this regards we are appealing our all members kindly take some extra responsibilities by visiting your nearby shops & ask whether BSNL products are available or not. If not available, then try to convince them to sale BSNL products & inform us the name & address of shop with contact no of the shop keepers to Sri. Pradip Das, TTA (Mobile No: 9477899591). Your little effort will help us to reach each corner of city to promote ourselves.

05 Mar 2014

Creation of TTA/Faculty Post in NSCBTTC

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Due To consistent effort of SNATTACTD first time in NSCBTTC, Kalyani eight number of TTA/Faculty post has been created and DPC also over. We congratulate all the qualified TTAs whoever clears the DPC and posted as TTA/Faculty in NSCBTTC, Kalyani. Earlier four numbers of TTAs posted at NSCBTTC, Kalyani and they were taking class with outmost efficiency without any extra remuneration and compelled management to create TTA faculty post in Training Center.

28 Feb 2014


The Annual General Body meeting of SNATTACTD was held at Telecom Institute HALL, CTO Building on 24th February, 2014. On that occasion an open session with interactive conversation also organized on "Survival of BSNL, Calcutta Telephones & Future Challenges and Role of DR employees & their future". Most of the DRTTAs of Calcutta Telephones were attended the open session and Annual General Body meeting. Shri. Goutam Chakravarty, Chief General Manager, Calcutta Telephones District, BSNL was present as our chief guest of honor and inaugurated the open session by lighting up the candle. Then he addressed the house regarding current situation of Calcutta Telephones and initiative to be taken for improvement of service. Shri. R. N. Palai, GM (EB) was also present as our guest of honor. Sri. Animesh Mitra, Dy. GS/BSNLEU, Sri. Dilip saha, State Secretary/SNEAWB, Sri. Prasun Mukherjee CS/AIBSNLEA, Sri. D.K. Sahoo, AGS/AIGETOA, Sri. Sukumar Ghosh, CS/AIBSNLOA, Sri. Subhasish Roy, CS/BSNLEU, Sri. Krishendu Naskar, ACS/NFTE-BSNL, Sri. Biswanath Dutta, GS/TEU, Sri. Aloke Nandi, CS/FNTO, Sri. Debasish Chakraborty, CC/SNATTAWB and Sri. Amit Khan, CS/SNATTAWB were attended and address the open session. Sri Prasun Ghosh, President of SNATTACTD presides the open session. On behalf of SNATTACTD a cheque of Rs. 5000/- was handed over to Sri. Amit Khan, Circle Secretary/SNATTAWB by our CGM to extend the financial help to our beloved TTA Late Roshon Barla?s family. Also one minute silence has been observed to pay tribute to our beloved friend. After that very good discussion was held on that open session and most of the leaders were congratulated all the young TTAs for their excellent service contribution and appealed for more hard work for improving the service in Calcutta telephones despite all odds and admitted only DR employee can save the BSNL by providing latest world class highly technical service to our customers. At last our Circle Secretary in his speech describe how SNATTACTD continuously perusing to CGM and GMs to improve our service in CTD by taking field level experience from our members and due to our effort VAS problems reduced. He also urge to our Hon?ble CGM for extending our broadband service upto 8 p.m. and for that necessary suitable arrangement may be done. CSC must be upgraded for making customer friendly environment.

After the open session programme General Body meeting was held and in that meeting the entire area secretary delivered their speech and gave their valuable suggestions for making our association stronger. A vibrant speech also delivered by Sri Soumya Acharya , ACS regarding the necessity of our unity and increasing of communication bonding. Our Circle Secretary finally given details presentation of New Delhi meeting with GM (Establishment) on 10.02.2014 and 11.02.2014 along with other leaders of SNATTA and Com. Islam Ahmed, president/NFTE-BSNL and informed latest status on wage loss of post 01.01.2007 TTAs , proposed JTO R/R 2014 and designation issues. The GB meeting was concluded with vote of thanks.

After the ending of GB meeting New Year's calendar of SNATTACTD, gift (Wall Clock) and sweets have been distributed to all the members.

20 Feb 2014

Proposal for conducting CEC of SNATTA in Kolkata jointly with WBTC

As per the present crucial situation whereas association's active action is required for settling the demand of various issues related to DRTTAs mainly wage loss issue and JTO R/R issue and our GS as well as President are on training and not able to move outside of training centre. Hence, in this situation SNATTA CTD along with SNATTA, WBTC jointly ready and propose for conducting CEC meeting at Kolkata as soon as possible. All the members are requested to send their views at our mail ID snattactd.cs@gmail.com and snattactd.cc@gmail.com within seven days so that we can move further.

17 Feb 2014

Provisional Gradation List

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A Provisional Gradation list of Telecom Technical Assistants(TTA)2013 has been published in Medha recently.All TTA friends are requested to check the correctness of the data against their name.Please view the attachment.

15 Feb 2014

SNATTA CTD General Body Meeting Date Changed

It has been decided to change the date of our General Body Meeting cum New Year Gift Distribution from 21st February to 24th February due to the fact that CGM/CTD and other GMs of CTD will not be available on that date. All area office bearers as well as all viewers are requested to inform this news to all members and frieds of them.

05 Feb 2014


NFTE representatives met Sr. GM(Est) who conveyed for extension of one increment to such staff who have entered in the PSU by May, 2010 and beyond this it is not possible. Matter is also under consideration if the same will be with or without arrears.

_______________________________________________________________Courtesy: NFTE CHQ Site

25 Jan 2014

SNATTA CTD extends moral support to AEGETOA for the proposed "Indefinite hunger strike" w.e.f. 3rd February 2014

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SNATTA CTD extends moral support for the proposed "Indefinite hunger strike" w.e.f. 03rd February 2014 for resolving various long pending genuine issues in respect of direct recruits of BSNL.We have already conveyed SNATTA CHQ to take final decision regarding this and will intimate our final decision shortly for actively participating in the proposed hunger strike and signature campaign.Please view the letter,our CS,Mr. Sanjib Saha gave to Mr. D.K.Sahoo,CS/AEGETOA/CTD.

25 Jan 2014

Suggestions for framing the JTO (T) R/R 2014 regarding

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SNATTA CTD replied to CHQ regarding urgent modifications required to newly framed JTO(T) RR.Please view the letter for more details.

24 Jan 2014


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This is for your kind information that a Substantive Appointment letter in the cadre of TTA has been released recenly.

24 Jan 2014

Presentation on Performance Management system in BSNL

Due to poor financial performance of BSNL the BSNL HQR is contemplating to introduce performance management system in the company. The Restructuring wing of corporate office has given a presentation today to recognized unions, NFTE and BSNLEU for creation of awareness amongst the employees. In the present scenario increase in revenue is the only solution. The Corporate office has evolved Key Performance indicators, KPI, in respect of Group PMS, FPMS and individuals for executive staff and sought cooperation from unions for inputs to frame Key Performance Indicator for non-executives. The unions requested the GM(Restg) to make available the proposal for early response. There has been consensus that the customer service centers, CSCs, be manned with good personnel and for this policy be framed.

_______________________________________________________________Courtesy: NFTE CHQ Site

22 Jan 2014


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A core committee meeting was held on 20.01.2014 at Barabazar Telephone Exchange recreation club room.We are thankful to all area office bearers for their kind presence and contributing their valuable suggestions regarding various issues.Agendas included in this meeting were like New Year Gift and open session meeting,Wage Erosion issue,Newly drafted JTO(T)RR and AEGETOA Strike issue.Please see the attached Minutes of Meeting for details.

22 Jan 2014


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BSNL HQR has released ammended JTO(T)2001 recruitment rules draft copy.

18 Jan 2014

Core Committee Meeting on 20.01.2014

A Core Committee Meeting has been called on 20.01.2014 at Burrabazar Telephone Exchange from 2:30 P.M.All SNATTA CTD office bearers are requested to attend this meeting positively.

16 Jan 2014


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A Proforma of application for seeking transfer with example name is given herewith.Members,who are seeking transfer are requested to download it.This Proforma of application will be available at "Downloads" Section.

16 Jan 2014

Employees Provident Fund(EPF) interest rate increased

Over eight crore depositors of the Employees Provident Fund will get an interest of 8.75% for the financial year 2013-14. The interest paid last year was 8.5%.

09 Jan 2014


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BSNL is reconstituting an Joint Committee to suggest change in designation in major Non-Executive Cadre. BSNL Corporate office served letters to Major Unions requesting representatives from staff side for the Joint Committee

07 Jan 2014
Kind Attention all Area Office Bearers
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All Area Office Bearers,here is a form designed to collect information regarding areawise collection as well as number of valid members to whom New Year Gift will be given.Please take some time and fill it up with correct information as soon as possible.
03 Jan 2014
All Area Secretaries and Area Cashiers are requested to collect Subscriptions from members as soon as possible and report to Circle Cashier.Also they are requested to inform member counts in their respective area.Area Serampore and Area Barrackpore already deposited their funds.
31 Dec 2013

GOOD NEWS !!! IDA increase is 5% from 01-01-2014.

It is learnt that the IDA increase, that has become due w.e.f. 01-01-2014 is 5%. With this IDA increase, the total IDA that has become payable from 01-01-2014 will be 90.5% ( 85.5% + 5%).

28 Dec 2013

Wageloss issue of TTA seriously discussed in NCM

Wage loss issue of DR TTAs has been discussed in NCM.Thanks to both NCM Leaders Islam Ji and P.Abhimanyu Ji to raise the issue infront of Management Side for an early settlement.It has been informed that this issue is under active consideration of management and result will be come out soon.

20 Dec 2013
Corporate Office order on incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualification.
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Corporate Office has issued an order regarding incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualification.Also Those who have acquired fresh qualifications after 1.10.2000 but not claimed for incentive yet , may claim for incentive within six months from order date
11 Dec 2013

A Core Committee meeting will beld on 13.12.2013 at Telephone Bhawan, Recreation Club Room at 3 P.M. All office bearers are requested to attend the same.
10 Dec 2013

Homage to Rajesh Visat,TTA/Gujrat Circle

A heart rending Incidence took place at Malpur on Monday evening. Our beloved friend Rajesh Visat TTA met with an accident. He was admitted in a very critical condition in V S Hospital Ahmedabad, but during the treatment he breathed his last in early morning of Tuesday the 3rd December, 2013. This news has made all of us SNATTAians astonished and saddened to the core. Late Shri Rajesh Visat was working as TTA at MALPUR SDCA FROM 2008 since his appointment in BSNL. He had a created an image amongst BSNL?s valuable customer and colleague as hard worker, honest and helping person. He will be missed by one and all in SNATTA

26 Nov 2013
SNATTA CTD Leaders met CGM/CTD regarding various issues
Memorandum 1

Memorandum 2

Memorandum 3

Yesterday SNATTA CTD Leaders Mr. Sanjib Saha (CS),Mr. Saikat Maji (ACS),Mr. Sankar Kr Sanyal(CC) and Mr. Sudhan Kaity (ACS) met Hon'ble CGM/CTD regarding various issues related to staff as well as development of BSNL.Hon'ble CGM appreciated the effort of SNATTA CTD and assured suitable measures will be taken necessarily.Also issues like Limited Internal Competitive Examination and Wage Erosion of DR TTAs were discussed in the meeting.
25 Nov 2013

Calling Volunteers from TTA for posting as Faculty members at NSCBTTC/ Kalyani
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03 Nov 2013
9 Oct 2013
9 Oct 2013
NFTE met Dir(HR)
On 8th October,NFTE Leaders met with Dir(HR) regarding various staff issues including our fitment issue
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4 Oct 2013

On 04.10.2013,the Scheduled Conversation between United Forum and BSNL Managemet on One Day Strike issues has been postponed to 12.00 Hrs on 09.10.2013
1 Oct 2013
30 Sept 2013

GOOD NEWS !!! IDA increase is 6.6% from 01-10-2013.

It is learnt that the IDA increase, that has become due w.e.f. 01-10-2013 is 6.6%. With this IDA increase, the total IDA that has become payable from 01-10-2013 will be 85.5% ( 78.9% + 6.6 % ).

30 Sept 2013


The Issue with Sri Malay Kumar Ghosh,TTA/TM/BDN has peacefully handled by Area Heads of SNATTA/CTD. We cordially bid thanks to Mr. Pradip Gupta (GM/Transmission), Mr.P.S. Sinha (DGM/TM-II) and Mr.R.K.Pal(DE/Trans) for their prompt actions for peaceful resolution of the situation.

27 Sept 2013
SNATTA CHQ writes to NFTE (BSNL) regarding the Agenda for National Council
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25 Sept 2013

United Forum decides to postpone the one day strike to 25.10.2013.

In view of the assurances given by the Management on certain issues in the talks held on 17.09.2013, and also in view of the talks to be held on 04.10.2013, the United Forum meeting held today has decided to defer the one day strike to 25.10.2013.

21 Sept 2013
The Core Committee meeting held on 19.09.2013 at TBZ/WLL .In this meeting several issues were discussed specially NCM,RJCM and LCM member nomination and our future strategy.Thanks to all Area Heads for their presence inspite of short notice and their valuable opinion.  
18 Sept 2013

A Core Committee meeting will beld on 19.09.2013 at TBZ/WLL Section at 3 P.M. All office bearers are requested to attend the same.


10 Sept 2013
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06 August 2013
01 Aug 2013
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Today, Sh. Anup Mukherjee (Org. Sec.) and Sh. Naresh Vallakati (Exec. Member) along with Com. Islam, President (NFTE) met with Dir.(F) and discussed the wage erosion issue for DRTTA's in detail.
Dir.(F) responded very positively on the issue.

Yesterday, SNATTA President Sh. Manish Samadhiya, Sh. Anup Mukherjee (Org. Sec.) and Sh. Naresh Vallakati (Exec. Member) along with President & GS (NFTE) met with Sr.GM (Estt.), Sr.GM (SR) and discussed the following issues:
(1) Wage Erosion Issue.
(2) Relaxation in qualifying marks of JTO LICE.
(3) 30% Superannuation Issue.
Both the Sr. Officers responded positively on the above issues, especially on the wage erosion issue.

SNATTA CTD Conveys sincere thanks to NFTE CHQ to write to CMD/BSNL for extending fitment benefit to all post 2007 recruited DRTTA s.

22 July 2013
MINUTES of SNATTACTD Core Committee Meeting held on 22 July 2013
A warm meeting of SNATTA Calcutta Telephones District meeting was held on 22-07-2013 at Territtabazar, Telephone Kendra, 4th Floor WLL Section.
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