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16 Nov 2017


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Today our CC Praveen Kumar along with Naveen Kumar Verma and Dhermendra kumar visited to the office of GM HR & Admin and handed over the letter regarding urgent issue of notification for holding JTO (T) LICE under 50% internal quota for the vacancy year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

He firmly accepted the letter and assured us regarding urgent necessary steps will be taken accordingly even he manage to call several offices regarding status of our previous letter for the same purpose.

13 Nov 2017



Venue-telephone kendra teriti bazar 9th floor recreation club
Date - 15 Nov 2017 Time-2:30pm

Every circle executives,area sec, area president, area cashier along with all circle chair bearer request to reach venue before 2pm. No excuse will be granted.

Points of. Discussion
1- regarding coming CEC & AIC
2-circle & area fund & updates.
3-finalising agenda to voice up in CEC.
4-Nomination for CHQ BODY FROM CTD.
5- Status regarding JTO LICE.

Please do not bring any local issue in this meeting.

Thank you. ��.

10 Nov 2017


SNATTA CEC Meeting proposal

After discussions with all circles and SNATTA CHQ members, a proposal has been taken to conduct SNATTA Central Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting on 13th and 14th January 2018 (Saturday & Sunday respectively) at New Delhi.The main agendas for the Meeting are as follows:

1. Choosing and Building new leadership for future course of SNATTA.
2. Discussions on various issues of JEs and building strategies for course of actions.
3. Proposal to conduct All India Conference (AIC) of SNATTA and its the tentative date & Circle.

All circles and CHQ members are hereby requested to send their views in detail to snattachq@gmail.com at earliest so that further arrangements can be done accordingly.

10 Nov 2017



Nomination from CTD





10 Nov 2017


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Congratulation!!! Congratulation!!! Congratulation!!!

Congratulation SNATTA WB CIRCLE for successfully conducting the beautiful ANNUAL GB MEETING and electing new circle body on 10/11/2017.
SNATTA CTD warm wishes & heartiest farewell to last WB Circle leaders for their continuous effort for JE. Also congratulate new elected leaders. We will strive together for our legitimate right by moving in path which is beneficial for the organization and individuals. SNATTA ZINDAABAD...

17 Oct 2017


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Friends today after meeting with CGM we are very egar to meet with our respected GM HR & ADIMN SIR Sri.P.K.Mahapatra at 3 pm in the evening. Again our ACS Samir Das leading us from the front.
Sir was in hurry to attain the farewell meeting but yet give time and value of our presence there. we showed our gratitude with flower bouquet and sweet packets.

Points of discussion:-

1-Vacency notification for JTO lice for the year 2016-17 as well as for 2017-18.We give a letter of memorandum about it to GM Sir and forward it to CHQ & CGM Sir.He replied that the revised vacancy list already sends to Corporate office.But when I asked him that it should be published in our circle so that we can justifiedly check the list for any unwanted mistake he replied that He will pursue that as soon as possible and took a note.

Further more
Again we get information from a responsible source that the circle starts it's action regarding vacancy notification after My RTI case filing .So if any such thing happening then that will be greatest achievement that newly circle body able to achieve.

2- we elaboratley discuss about sanitary system that is toilet facility in different exchanges.It should be the minimum facility that one can get when government everywhere implement swach avhijan,sulabh sochalaya and it would be shameful for a 100% govt occupied organisation or PSU like BSNL.

Our GM took serious note and promised to discussed it with other administrative heads.

3- we deliberately express about transfer issue- local as well as under rule 8.we also give a letter regarding the transfer issue of Rakhesh Kumar,budge budge since it was pending for so long 1 month and no initiative from any of his SDE,DE and even DGM.
He will assured us to took steps immediately.

4- we discuss about mentioning superannuation benefit in our slip as happened in other Circle.We forward a copy specimen salary slip of Maharashtra circle.He also took it in note .

5- since I card is very important for us regarding works in field,Road show,customer visit,before ritrement etc.we demand to rectify all immediately and pursue that to area manager level.
6-we put forward the EPF related issue like updating the nomination.He will assured us to pursue as soon as possible.
7-Regarding Updated and in depth training on ERP.we give full effort so that GM HR can arrange a training program for at least 2 week.He was very excited on hearing our interest and confirmed to circulate a training module notification from his side exclusively for JEs.

Friends SNATTA-CTD not only looking for JTO promotion for all its members but also want to upgrade the quality in terms of knowledge,behaviour and overall gesture.We must kept in mind that we are the future of BSNL.So our organisation must find everyway to be proud of our Cadre.

The major portion of conversation carried by our Circle president after initial introduction from our ACS.Other representative present there maintained the politeness and fill up any undone talk during that period.

This is a great example of unity and coordination among us. We must abide by the rule that we frame among us.

Before kalipuja it was a great day for SNATTA-CTD. SNATTA ZINDABAD.��

17 Oct 2017


GOOD NEWS ...!!!

Friends today morning at 11 am our CC Sri.Praveen Kumar
CP Sri.Prasun Barua
CS Sri.Suresh Kumar
ACS Samir Das
Along with two representative Sri.Guddu Kumar & Sri.Amit Naskar meet our honourable CGM Sri S.P.Tripathi as per pre-sheduled appointment. It is our great pleasure that CGM Sir not only give his valuable time but also give us opportunity to spoke with him freely. Sri. Samir Das lead us from the front and introduce every one of us with CGM Sir.We in return show our gratitude to him by presenting him sweets packet & flower bouquet.

Matter of discussion:-

1- JTO lice & pending vacency notification for the year 2016-17 & 2017-18.

2-pending transfer cases.

3-work freedom & work affordability of JE in different area along with SDE,JTO,LM,TM & CONTRACT LABOURS.

4- Training upgradation of JE related to ERP SAP

5- immediate re publication of benefits regarding execution of new broadband & landline connection.

6-Marketability of all BSNL PRODUCT like-
Speed pay,virtual utelephony,Gpon,Brodband ,mobile.etc.

Reply from honourable CGM sir

1-Our CP Prasun Barua put forward the matter along with copy of letter from corporate office letter dated 4th may,2017 for persuasion of publication of circle wise vacency .He very seriously hear every words from us and deliberately assured us to persue the pending VACENCY notification for the year 2016-17 as well as 2017 -18 as soon as possible.

2-Our CP put forward the case of local transfer & rule -8 transfer. Put example of Sri.Rakhesh Kumar & Sri.Praveen kumar.He replied to check the matter in due course.

3-The 3rd point put forward jointly by our C C & CS.He replied that JE Cadre is an asset & future for our organisation Bsnl.So no compromise regarding this matter.If any where any problem arises you can communicate with me directly.

4-Regarding ERP/SAP training .He is happy for our interest in training and said to convey it to GM HR Sri.P.K.Mahapatra.

5-when we pick up that point .He showed great interest and immediately order Sri.A.K.Gharai,DGM to re notify it in Medha in front of us.

6- Regarding this point He overwhelmed by our thought and idea.He exclusively assured to pursue accordingly so that all new product with plans must be hanged in every exchange.

Lastly but not lately we again remind him about publication of JTO vacancy.We also clarify that it is circle responsibility to publish and if published properly it can be easier to tally with all actual data.

Thank you friends for your support & belief on us.

12 Oct 2017


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Today we suresh kumar CS snatta CTD,Prasun Barua CP snatta CTD & Himanksu Shekher Jha eminent leader of West Bengal Circle meet with BSNLEU GS Abhimanyu Ji on the occasion of Open Session BSNLEU Circle conference held at Rabindra Bhawan, Shyamnagar dated on 12 Oct 2017 and openly forward our moral support for all programs that set in near future by Joint forum of all union and association regarding pay revision,PLI issue & Privatisation of BSNL TOWERS.

Our CS deliver his important speech at the occasion.

We are happy to discuss about following matter separately :-





Friend we must say today's visit at BSNLEU CIRCLE CONFIRENCE is super successful.

We also discussed with them that our CEC will be organised soon and they boost up with their thumbs up support.Sooner then letter we also rocks at the CHQ.


30 Sep 2017

GOOD NEWS IDA to increase by 5.3%, w.e.f. 01-10-2017.

IDA is learnt to have increased by 5.3%, w.e.f 01-10-2017. It is said to have increased from 119.0% to 124.3%.

24 Aug 2017

SNATTA CTD Executive Council Meeting on 26.08.17 at Terretibazar

An Executive Council Meeting has been Called on 26.08.2017(Saturday) at Telephone Kendra, Recreation club( 9th floor) from 2:30PM to 6:00PM.All area body office bearers are require to attend the meeting positively.

For Agenda please contact Suresh Kumar, CS/CTD-8902064663 or Prasun Barua, President/CTD-9804763700.

27 July 2017


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SNATTA CTD Circle organized a Grand and Very Successful GB cum CEC meeting on 25th July, 2017at CTO HALL, Kolkata from 11:30 am onward. Almost 350 to 400 members of SNATTA lightened the occasion. Circle body in front of CHQ leaders General Secretary, Sri. Anup Mukherjee & Communication secretary Sri. Sandip Parui pleased to see the enthusiasm and energy among all members.Also, SNATTA CTD Circle President Shri Prasun Ghosh, SNATTA CTD Cirlce Secretray Shri Saikat Maji, SNATTA CTD Asst. Cirlce Secretary Shri. Sudhan Kaity Ji enriched the program with their glorious presence and valuable speech.They emphasized on unity & SNATTA?s glorious history of fight for TTAs(JEs).SNATTA CTD conveyed the gatherings ? ALL Young energetic & Motivated Members Must play important role for the growth of BSNL & Regaining its past Glory?.

An open Session organized with topic ?Future Challenges and Role of JEs (TTAs) & their future in BSNL, CALCUTTATELEPHONES?. Our respected guest Sri. Debasis Sarkar ( PGM-mobile) though unable to present at the occasion but forwarded his important message for new Armies of BSNL ,JEs .Sri.Subhash Sil ji, circle organizing Secretary ,NFTE deliver his valuable speech & narrated about future of BSNL.our GS Sri. Anup Mukherjee deliver his vibrating & enthusiastic speech .He mesmerize about the long fighting battle of Designation Change ,JTO ?LICE.He talked about all the present burning issues & role of JEs against negative exploitation. the Spirit of the house reciprocated our GS with a united sound ?SNATTA JINDABAD,JEs Unity JINDABAD?

The CEC MEETING started at 3 :30 pm keeping the matter of forming NEW CIRCLE BODY.SNATTA members anonymously elected its new circle body in front of CC,Sri.Sankar Sanyal,GS Sri Anup Mukherjee. The Newly elected Circle passed its RESOLUTION & AGENDA POINTS for future movement.

This BOOSTED, ENTHUSIASTIC & OVERWHWLEMED gathering again proved unity among JEs. Meeting concluded with slogan ?SAAT SAAT EK SAAT, SNATTA JINDABAD?

15 July 2017

SNATTA CTD GB on 25th July,2017

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SNATTA CTD is going to organize General Body Meeting on 25th July,2017(Tuesday)at CTO Hall Kolkata. All SNATTA members are requested to make arrangements to attend this programme without miss.The Programme Schedule will be updated soon.

12 Jan 2017

SNATTA CTD give letter to GM/HR & Admin for change of Training Center for JTO Phase I Training

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SNATTA CTD President writes to GM/HR & Admin to consider shifting the JTO Phase I training schedule of few deserving candidates from Rajpura,Punjab to either NSCBTTC,Kalyani or RTTC,Saltlake as the some candidates have genuine family problems which they have already intimated to competent authority.Also the weather of Rajpura being too cold now,also making some health issue to some candidates.

12 Jan 2017

RJCM and LCM Nomination List of SNATTA CTD

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Today,SNATTA CTD have submitted the nomination for the RJCM and LCM members .Please go through attachment for details.

19 Dec 2016

SNATTA CTD Meeting on 20.12.16 at Terretibazar

A Meeting of SNATTA CTD will be held on 20.12.16 at Terretibazar Recreation club 9th floor at 2.30 pm .All members are cordially invited.Please forward this message to all.

02 Nov 2016

Congratulations to all qualified candidates held on 24-09-2016 for the vacancy year 2014-15.

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Corporate office declared results of Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the grade of Junior Telecom Officer (Telecom) under 50% internal quota held on 24.09.2016 for the vacancy year 2014-15. Letter No.-12-4/2016-Recttdt-02-11-2016.
Congratulations to all qualified candidates......

28 Oct 2016

Oneday mass CL for 30% Super Annuation Benefit

One (01) day mass CL are requested by all BSNL Recruited Employees on 02.11.2016 to protest for our 30% Super Annuation Benefit (SAB).

09 July 2016

Today emergency meeting at Terretibazar at 1.00pm.All 2007 batch TTA's

Today emergency meeting at Terretibazar at 1.00pm. All 2007 batch TTA's of CTD are requested to attend positively without any fail.Please spread this message to all..

02 July 2016

Representation to the CGM for seeking favorable action for DR TTAs of the recruitment year 2007 regarding:

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Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the grade of Junior Telecom Officer (Telecom) under 50% internal quota held on 22.05.2016 and seeking favorable action for DR TTAs of the recruitment year 2007 regarding.

02 June 2016

Income Tax Declaration Form

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The FORM for IncomeTax declaration is given hereby

12 May 2016

Corporate Office issues order on New Designations.

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BSNL HQR Order No. 2-4/2007-Restg.Vol-III, dt-12-05-2016 has issued order for new designation. Now we are JUNIOR ENGINEER (JE). As we told it will be come at middle of the month of may, we got it well before that. Friends the great win done only because of SNATTA, only because of your unity. Keep fighting, keep supporting, All our dreams will come true. SNATTA JINDHABAD....

12 May 2016

A Grief Message

Mr. Asesh Narayan Biswas TTA/Panihati Telephone Exchange, CTD met a fatal motorbike accident and badly injured on 08.05.2016. He passed away on 12-05-2016. SNATTACTD prays its respectful homage to the departed friend and conveys its heartfelt condolences to his family members and friends.

30 April 2016

A grand 7th Membership Verification meeting will be held at Telephone Bhawan East Gate on 02.05.2016

A grand 7th Membership Verification meeting will be held at Telephone Bhawan East Gate on 02.05.2016. All TTAs are cordially invited to attend this meeting. All GS of the alliance partner of BSNLEU will be present there.

12 April 2016

A grand 7th Membership Verification meeting at Chandannagar

A grand 7th Membership Verification meeting was held at Chandannagar Telephone Exch., CTD. Com Saibal Sengupta CS BSNLEU, Com Prosun Ghosh CP SNATTA, Com Arindam Roy ACS BSNLEU, Com Soumya Acharya were present in the meeting. Com Arun Konch DS BSNLEU welcomed everyone. More than 200 employee were present. Ex CS NFTE BSNL Com Shyamal Ghosh was present & joined BSNLEU. Com Prosun appeal to the employee to vote BSNLEU in 7th membership verification. Com Saibal Sengupta spoke elaborately about the achievement of BSNLEU in last 3 yrs & anti workers policy of Govt. The meeting was also addressed by Com Soumya Acharya, Com Arindam Roy, & Com Dipti Sarkar.
Each and every TTA must be with this unity.

08 March 2016


A core committee meeting has been called on 10.03.2016 (THURSDAY)at TBZ 9th Floor (Recreation Club) sharply at 3.00pm to discuss about the CEC Meeting on 2016 in Delhi and also our future course of action and preparation for conduction of JTO LICE in our circle. Please assure your presence. Thank You.

30 Jan 2016

Holding of JTO (T) LICE on 8th May, 2016

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BSNL HQR vide letter No.-12-1/2016-Reclt, dt-28-01-2016 has issued notification for JTO LICE to be held on 8th May, 2016.This is the result of strong unity of SNATTA. Each and every TTA must be with this unity.

25 Jan 2016


SNATTA CTD Circle organized a annual GB cum CEC meeting on 21 Jan 2016 at CTO Hall, Kolkata from 11:30 A.M with its full strength and vigour.Circle body is pleased to see the enthusiasm and energy bestowed by the new armies( SNATTAIANs of 2010,2012,2014 Batch).CC/CP/CS emphasized on unity and organization value of association and also criticized apathy and biased attitude of management against DR TTA issues. SNATTA CTD urged to involve DR TTAs for development and the very requirement of their internal smile before delivering smiling service to customers. SNATTA CTD conveyed the gatherings,"This association will motivate its members for the positive growth of BSNL."

An open session organized with a topic "CURRENT SITUATION OF BSNL,CALCUTTA TELEPHONES & FUTURE CHALLENGES AND ROLE OF DR TTAS".Our respected guests Sri Debasis Sarkar (GM/CMTS) , Sri K C Ghosh (GM/CFA),GS TEU,CS BSNLEU, CS NFTE delivered their valuable speech minutely with data and narrated the future goals of BSNL, CTD development. At the end of Open session our respected GS Sri Anup Mukherjee delivered a vibrating and enthusiastic speech along with DR TTA?s burning issues and looks of Corporate Office towards DR TTAs and also elaborated why DR TTAs are inclusive factor of development in present scenario and why this cadre needs to be nurtured well against negative exploitation. The spirited house reciprocated our GS with a united sound of LONG LIVE SNATTA, SNATTA JINDABAD repeatedly.

The CEC meeting started at 1600 Hrs keeping the agenda points sent by SNATTA CHQ and everybody opined another core committee meeting very shortly for elaborate discussion and resolution.

Before concluding the day by distributing Diary-2016, Calendars and sweets among members, the circle restructuring took place with the inclusion of three new DR TTAs in circle body without changing old body and the same was endorsed by CC SNATTA CTD and GS SNATTA CHQ.

Yet another SNATTA CTD GB ended successfully with the hope of further prosperity of TTAs and BSNL

11 Jan 2016

Regarding Conduct of DR TTAs

For CDA Rule click here

All SNATTA members are requested to maintain the followings:

1) No DR TTA will break BSNL CDA Rule.
2) Strictly follow the Rule-4 of BSNL CDA Rule or accompany with controlling officer.
3) Before going to other premises, ensure controlling officer has taken the written permission from other agencies.

11 Jan 2016

Regarding NEPP to DR TTAs

For List Please click here

All area office bearer are requested to follow the list for NEPP upgradation and mail the missing name according to the eligible list under NEPP scheme upto 31/12/2016. Please take it necessary without any delay. Mail id are SNATTACTD.CS@GMAIL.COM and SNATTACTD.CC@GMAIL.COM of SNATTA CTD.

09 Jan 2016

Historic Success of CGM Gherao on 08.01.2016

SNATTA CTD will remeber the day of 8th January 2016 as a historic day not only for the success of CGM Gherao campaign but also the day showed the level of TTAs unity and strength.As the incident with Soumya Acharya occurred on 7th Jan,We immediately decided to rush the CGM office the next day.We merely had 15 hours to organise and thanks to all brothers and sisters for their tremendous and enourmous support for SNATTA,we made a gathering of about 450-500 TTAs in front of CGM Office.The massiveness of our slogan may have heard outside of Telephone Bhawan.Our campaign started from 12:00 p.m,we roamed the whole Telephone Bhawan with Slogans of "Suraksha nehi, to Kaam Nehi","Kaam ke waqt Suraksh do" etc.After that we sat infront of CGM Office,the corridor had nothing left to occupy.Meantime,CGM Office repeatedly requested to our leaders to sit on discussion.But we gheraoed CGM Sir further.At around 2 P.M, we decided to go for meeting with CGM Sir.In the meeting,our beloved GS Sh. Anup Mukherjee was present along with other eminent SNATTA circle leaders and Sh. Soumya Acharya himself.From management side,along with CGM,all other responsible management person like GM(HR & Admin),GM(West),DGM,Area Manager SMP,DE etc. were present.Meeting went for around 2 hrs,and the outcomes were quite satsfactory.

1. The whole CTD management is convinced that they had accute negligence on the issue.

2. CGM told they will do whatever it takes to bring back Soumya Acharya clean.

3. A strong investigation committe will be formed and CGM himself will lead the committee.The committee will submit the report within 7 days.

4. Strong Departmental action will be taken thereof.

5. CGM assured ,CTD management will provide full security to its staff.

We have also told to Management that,the assurance they gave must be kept,otherwise we will initiate a row of campaign until and unless the justice is met.Later,we called off for the day with slogans of SNATTA Jindabad.

We are thankful to FORUM CTD Leaders for their whole hearted support and presence in our campaign.

Thank You SNATTIANS.TTA Unity Jindabad,SNATTA Jindabad

07 Jan 2016

CGM Gherao on 08.01.2016 at 12:00 p.m

Intollerable incident occured with our ACS SNATTA CTD Sri Soumya Acharya as he was arrested today by Bally GRP for conducting roadshow and SWAS Programme at Uttarpara Station.He was been instructed by his SDE to conduct the roadshow.So he persued his duty and went to the spot along with another staff.In the middle of roadshow,RPF inspector visited the spot and enquired about permission to conduct the roadshow.Then it has been found that SDE had taken VERBAL PERMISSION ONLY.So Soumya got arrested and has been put behind bar.Later he got bail Personally.His SDE went to Bally GRP but his voice have not helped Soumya to stop the charge of arrest.When contacted with GM,Area Manager etc.they showed only their back on the incident telling that they are very busy in MEETING.

It is our call to move directly to the CGM and asking him about this dangerous irresponsible activity by his management.We will not do a single work until we get explanation and strong action on the issue.This incident is clearly showing how unsafe we are doing outdoor duty.

We want every TTA in CTD must come in Telephone Bhawan at 12:00 P.M sharp and make the voice to be heard by CTD MANAGEMENT.

4 Jan 2016

Good News for JTO LICE Examination 2016

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A letter has been published regarding JTO LICE Examination for promotion to the grade of JTO(T) under 50% quota for vacancies up to 31-03-2016 reg.

1 Jan 2016

GOOD NEWS IDA to increase by 4.5%, w.e.f. 01-01-2016.

IDA is learnt to have increased by 4.5%, w.e.f 01-01-2016. It is said to have increased from 107.9% to 112.4%. The new rate will be implemented after the DPE & BSNL HQR order.

30 Dec 2015

Very very urgent for substantive appointment of TTA

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All Area Secretary are requested to persue the matter as early as possible.

17 Dec 2015

Minutes of Meeting

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Minutes of Core Committee Meeting held on 16.12.2015(Wednesday)at TBZ

10 Dec 2015


A core committee meeting has been called on 16.12.2015(Wednesday)at TBZ 9th Floor (Recreation Club) sharply at 3.00pm to discuss about the following agenda points.

1.Collection of Contributory fund from all beneficiary of one increment,Proposed Rs.1000/-
2.Collection of monthly contribution from all members.
3.Printing of New Year Diaries.
4.GB Meeting on 1st week of Jan 2016 and distribution of Diaries.
5.Winter Picnic for all or it can be mixed with GB meeting.
6.Decision on SNATTA CHQ Fund.
7.Identify weak Area and plan for motivation/organisation meeting.
Thank You.

14 Oct 2015

!!! GOOD NEWS !!!

Please click here for Order

Corporate Office issues order on revised IDA rates @ 107.9% w.e.f. 01.10.2015

14 Oct 2015

Corporate Office letter on Recruitment Rules of Junior Telecom Officer (Telecom)-2014.

Please click here for JTORR 2014

JTO RR 2014 has been published by BSNL CHQ after the approval of BOD.

09 Oct 2015

Meeting with SNATTA-CTD and PGM

A positive discussion held yesterday with PGM/CTD, Sr. GM (HR&A), DGM (HR&A) and SNATTA-CTD office bearer Mr. Saikat Maji CS/SNATTACTD, Mr. Sudhan Kr. Kaity ACS/SNATTACTD, Mr. Koushik Ghosh CHQ Legal Committee Member also VP/SNATTACTD, Mr. Shantanu Sahana OS/SNATTACTD and Mr. Pradip Das OS/SNATTACTD at PGM Office, Telephone Bhawan regarding the following agenda points:
Stipend and arrears payment, Transfer Case (Rule 8, mutual etc.), Increment, Appointment letter, Substantive appointment, Service book, Improvement in customer care, Long pending OFC breakdown, System is in linear mode, Uninterrupted power supply to the system, Victimization of DR TTAs and The JTO vacancy in the coming JTO LICE.

All the issue of DR TTAs will be look after positively by our SNATTACTD Unity.

09 Oct 2015


A core committee meeting has been called on 14.10.2015(Wednesday)at TBZ 9th Floor (Recreation Club) sharply at 3.30pm to discuss about the just approved JTO RR 2014 and also our future course of action and preparation for conduction of JTO LICE in our circle. Please assure your presence. Thank You.

30 Sep 2015

GOOD NEWS IDA to increase by 5.3%, w.e.f. 01-10-2015.

IDA is learnt to have increased by 5.3%, w.e.f 01-10-2015. It is said to have increased from 102.6% to 107.9%.

21 Sept 2015

ARREARS Calculator

Please click here for Arrears

Arrear Calculation of different batches TTA of CTD.

19 Sep 2015

JTO RR 2014 Approved

In the meeting of BoD dated 18.09.2015,it is being reported that the long awaiting JTO RR amendmends has been approved.With this approval,the service eligibiliy condition has been reduced to 5 yrs from 7 yrs.The amendments of RR was pending for more than a year.

31 August 2015

Minimum Government - Maximum Governance

Click here for Order

Minimum Government Maximum Governance Simplification of Government procedure for abolition of affidavits and promotion of self certification. Letter No.-48-5/2015-Pen. (B), Dated:-28-08-2015.

21 August 2015

Good news for BSNL after the launch of new schemes....

For the first time after so many years, BSNL become no.1 operator providing maximum mobile connections in July 2015, pushing Airtel and Vodafone to no.2 and no.3 positions. BSNL added 16.1 lakh connections in July, 2015, almost double (86%) than that of the sales in May, 2015. Top performers are Bihar, Haryana, J&K, Karnataka, Kolkata TD, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and UP(East) circles.

17 August 2015


Click here for NEW AREA Body

A grand AREA Meeting was conducted at Jadavpur Recreation club on 14.08.2015 evening in presence of SNATTA CTD CC and CS. More impetus given on to organised ourselves and to make a united force for strengthening SNATTA Circle as well as SNATTA CHQ.

10 August 2015

Very Urgent Substantive appointment of DR TTA -Calling Documents there of.

Please click here for Detailed list of TTAs and Instructions

All Area Body Members and the TTAs (mentioned in the list) are requested to send the required data i.e. ACRs, Special Report, Vigilance Clearance Report and Proforma -A (Service Book Data)of TTAs in Annexure -I for their Substantive Appointment to SDE/Staff-V/HQ at Telephone Bhawan within 7 days positively.

10 August 2015

BSNL circular

Please click here for Order

Implementation of EPF coverage for pre induction training period of BSNL recruited employees - reg.

10 August 2015

Very Urgent Substantive appointment of DR TTA -Calling Documents there of.

Please click here for Detailed list of TTAs and Instructions

All Area Body Members and the TTAs (mentioned in the list) are requested to send the required data i.e. ACRs, Special Report, Vigilance Clearance Report and Proforma -A (Service Book Data)of TTAs in Annexure -I for their Substantive Appointment to SDE/Staff-V/HQ at Telephone Bhawan within 7 days positively.

28 July 2015

Desgnation of TTA is changing to JUNIOR ENGINEER

Please click here for Minutes

In the meeting of Desgnation Change Committee held today,decision has been taken to finalise the designation of TTA to JUNIOR ENGINEER.On this occassion SNATTA CTD congratulates all TTAs for the success. "SNATTA ZINDABAD"- TTA unity ZINDABAD.

27 July 2015


Please click here for Increment Orders

Please click here for Stipened Orders

All Area Secretary are requested to prepare the data base and beneficial of above payment arrears in XL sheet with their name/contact number/respected SDE staff and date of appointment as soon as possible(expected within 4 days starting from 27.07.2015). Orders are also in MEDHA.

27 July 2015

SNATTA-CTD Area meeting held at Barrackpore Lal Kuthi Exchange on 23/07/2015

Please click here for Minutes

An AREA meeting of SNATTA-CTD Barrackpore has been organised in the presence of SNATTA CTD president Sri Prosun Ghosh, SNATTA CTD organizing secretary Sri Pradip Das, SNATTA CTD Executive body member Smt. Supti Sarkar, Barrackpore Area President Sri P.K. Roy, Barrackpore Area Secretary Sri Suvendu Banerjee and other members of SNATTA BKP Unit.

13 July 2015

Corporate Office issued letter for one advance increment to TTAs appointed between 01-01-2007 and 07-05-2010.

Please click here for order

As approved by the BSNL Board, in its meeting held on 19.06.2015, the BSNL Corporate Office has issued letter today, for granting one advance increment to the TTAs, who are appointed between 01.01.2007 and 07-05-2010. The increment will be given with arrears. SNATTA-CTD congratulates all the TTAS who will be benefited from this order. SNATTA-CTD, will take all out efforts to get the benefit 30% fitment.

03 July 2015


A very successful Area meeting of SNATTA-CTD/HOWRAH AREA was held on 02/07/2015 (Thursday) at 2.00 pm onward in Club Room of Satyabala Telephone Exchange in presence of Circle Secretary, Sri.Saikat Maji & ACS Soumya Acharya.
Meeting proceeded as follows:-
1. Brief introduction with newly posted DRTTA in Howrah Area & fresher's Welcome.
2. Brief speech about current Happenings in central & circle level for TTA cadre by Sri. Soumya Acharya ACS/ SNATTA-CTD.
3. Brief speech about SNATTA unity, success of SNATTA & aim of SNATTA by Sri Saikat Maji CS/ SNATTA-CTD.
4. SNATTA-CTD/ Howrah members welcome new Area Manager with flower bouquet & sweets.
5. Proposal has been put forward to dissolve previous Area body & form new Area body by democratic way of majority support by Sri. Jitendra Kharwar, Area Secretary, SNATTA-CTD/Howrah which was accepted by Circle Secretary Sri.Saikat Maji, SNATTA-CTD.
Formation of New Area Body as follows:
Area President : Sri Praveen Kumar.
Area Secretary : Sri Jitendra Kharwar.
Asst. Area Secretary: Sri Susanta Hembram, Sri Pankaj Srivastava, Sri Manjay Kumar.
Cashier : Sri Ujjawal Kumar Indu, Sri Mukesh Kumar Verma.
6. A request made to all members to give their monthly subscription within Decemeber by Cashier Sri. Ujjawal Kumar.
7. Different types of TTA problem was discussed in the meeting.
8. Meeting has been successfully ended at 5-30 pm.

30 June 2015

IDA increase from 1st July, 2015 is 2.1% with this IDA will be 102.6% w.e.f. 01.07.2015.

25 June 2015

BSNL Board approved one additional increment with arrears to post 2007 TTAs, to compensate wage loss.

It is learnt that the one additional increment with arrears to the TTAs, appointed on or after 01.01.2007, has been approved by the BSNL Board, in its meeting held on 19.06.2015. The demand of 30% fitment to those who are appointed after 01.01.2007 and upto 07-05-2010, it must be borne in mind that even this one additional increment is approved by the Board, only because of the struggles that have been conducted. Further action on the wage loss issue will be decided after assessing the extent to which the wage loss is compensated by this one extra increment.


23 June 2015

Urgent CORE COMMITTEE MEETING ON 26.06.2015 (Friday)

An urgent Core Committee Meeting has been called on 26.06.2015 (Friday) at Territtibazar Telephone Exch. 9th Floor, Club Room sharply from 3.30pm to 5.30.pm. The agenda: 1.Discussion on coming CEC Meeting in Delhi. 2.Discussion on Area meeting. 3.Regarding pending DRTTA issue. 4. Report of Subscription collection. All SNATTA CTD office bearers are requested to attend this meeting positively with their list of member.

17 June 2015

Very Urgent Substantive appointment of DR TTA -Calling Documents there of.

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All Area Body Members and the TTAs (mentioned in Annexure -I) are requested to send the required data i.e. ACRs, Special Report, Vigilance Clearance Report and Proforma -A (Service Book Data)of TTAs in Annexure -I for their Substantive Appointment to SDE/Staff-V/HQ at Telephone Bhawan within 7 days positively.

25 April 2015

Meeting with SNATTA-CTD and CGM

A positive discussion held yesterday with CGM, Sr. Management and SNATTA-CTD office bearer at Conference Room, Telephone Bhawan regarding the following agenda points:
Stipend, Transfer Case (Rule 8, mutual etc.), Increment, Appointment letter, Substantive appointment, Service book, Improvement in customer care, Long pending OFC breakdown, System is in linear mode, Uninterrupted power supply to the system, Mobile RF Quality and long pending BTS issue, Victimization of DR TTAs.

All the issue of DR TTAs will be look after positively.

25 April 2015

Revival demands of BSNL

The Honble Minister of Communication yesterday held meeting with the MPs at Parliament Annexe on revival of BSNL in the light of demands raised by Forum of unions. The Minister, it is learnt, has agreed to consider the demands pioneered by the Forum.

21 April 2015

Day one strike successfully held in Kolkata-Congratulation to all

The 1st day of strike in BSNL Kolkata Telephones Circle has become very much successful. All the Forum leaders visited each and every work spot where our employees assembled out side the exchange- office gates and conducted slogans, meetings as per the call of the National Forum of Executives & Non-executives of BSNL. Our customers and common people has also extended their support to the strikers. Almost hundred percent employees participated in the 1st day strike. SNATTA-CTD conveys heartfelt greetings to all strikers.

20 April 2015

Two Days Strike Strike preparations are complete in Kolkata

Today in a very big gathering at the CGMT office Telephone Bhawan east gate premises all the Unions and Associations of United Forum organized a mass pre strike gathering with thousands of members. Leaders from SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIBSNLOA, AIGETOA, SNATTA, NFTE, BTEU, BTU ,BSNLEU of Kolkata circle along with other circle leaders delivered their speech and took part in the procession from R N Mukherjee Road to Esplanade East y channel. From 00 hours strike will start as per decision of the All India Forum. Each and every workers will observe stay outside strike along with union & association banners and festoons and forum banner. We shall SAVE BSNL SAVE NATION.

20 April 2015

Two Days Strike on 21-22 April 2015 Demanding Revival of BSNL

48 Hours (2 Days) strike will begin from '0' Hours of 21.04.2015 to 2400 Hrs of 22.04.2015. Observe stay out strike. All are requested to participate in the strike and make it grand success.

Forum unity zindabad.

16 April 2015


General Body Meeting of SNATTA CTD conducted successfully on 09.04.2015 at CTO Hall, Kolkata. A massive number of TTAs accross whole CTD area were present in the meeting. The meeting was presided by Sri Prosun Ghosh,President,SNATTA CTD. Our GS Sri Anup Mukherjee was also present in the meeting. Others present on the stage were Sri Sankar Sanyal,Central Co ordinator/SNATTA CTD, Sri Sandip Parui, Web Secretary/SNATTA CHQ, Sri Saikat Maji,Circle Secretary/SNATTA CTD. In the meeting, interim CS Sri Saikat Maji was unanimously selected as Circle Secretary of SNATTA CTD. All other Circle body remained unchanged by general voting. SNATTA CHQ congratulates newly elected circle body members and wishes them a lot of success. All the office bearers kept their speech to the audiences. The Meeting concluded with a vote of thanks form the CTD Leaders.

After completeion of GB,SNATTA CTD, a massive CGM Gherao conducted in the afternoon at Telephone Bhawan under the leadership of GS Anup Mukherjee, CS/SNATTA-CTD Saikat Maji and CC/SNATTA-CTD Sankar Sanyal for the protest of "Wrong Postering and Blaming for sabotage" against TTA cadres at BSNL Office Premises. SNATTA Leadership met with Sr GM HR and Admin,CTD and gave a representation on the issue. He assured full admistrative investigation on the issue.

The day concluded with a whopping slogan of SNATTA ZINDABAD.

07 April 2015


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General Body Meeting of SNATTA-CTD will be held on 09th April, 2015 at CTO Building Auditorium Hall, opposite of Telephone Bhawan, Kolkata - 700001.

25 March 2015

Tele Analysis.

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Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL talks about various steps the state run BSNL is taking under his leadership to turn around things.

25 March 2015

Birth Day of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, on 14.04.2015, declared as holiday.

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09 March 2015


An urgent Core Committee Meeting has been called on 13.03.2015 (Friday) at Territtibazar Telephone Exch. 9th Floor, Club Room sharply from 3.00pm to 5.30.pm. The agenda: 1.Result of Parlament march and CEC Meeting in Delhi. 2.New Bank A/C of SNATTACTD. 3.Agenda point for CGM CTD meeting with Forum. 4. Process of distribution of Diary and Calender. All SNATTA CTD office bearers are requested to attend this meeting positively with their list of member.

4 March 2015

Substantive appointment of TTA

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1 March 2015

A massive parliamentary march was conducted by bsnl employees on 25th Feb 2015.

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