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11.04.2018 GS writes Letter to GM(Estt) regarding Holding JTO (T) LICE under 50% Internal Quota for the vacancy year 2016- 2017 and 2017-18



Please Click here for Letter


05.04.2018 Message from Shri. Dipendra Vasava, Convenor/SNATTA CHQ


As you know that SNATTA CHQ had successfully conducted CEC on 14 Jan 2018 at Kidwai bhawan, New Delhi. More than 50 delegates from 15 Circles were present at CEC. At CEC, with consent of House, a Co-Ordination Committee was formed and members of the Committee were given full responsibility to further arrange AIC.


Now, SNATTA Co-Ordinnation Committee is planning to arrange All India Conference(AIC).So all circle and members are requested to please provide your valuable suggestion/feedback regarding arrangement of upcoming AIC within 15th April, 2018 So that AIC can be arranged with grand success.


Thank You.



It is clear from the demands of all India BSNL Union/Association letter that pension revision is much more important demands than any others.Even 3rd PRC issue is sidelined due to static affordability clause. All GS/President of so called United Forum knows very well not a single penny will be spend for still loss making BSNL and GOVT. itself put the affordability clause very purposefully. You may go through various remarks made by present Finance Minister regarding Air India case and it is clear that not a single penny will come out for implementing PRC. And how dangerous it is that they will agree happily to implement “freezing DA,HRA,medical allowance for 12 days” etc for the serving employees or rather BSNL recruitees to implement PRC which will give them fat Pensions.


Intelligently, pension matters is highlighted now. We believe PRC matter kept alive for mass gathering only. The day BSNL formed ,new generation put in great challenge.Except salary nothing thought about us.After 18 years we are getting 5℅ SAB. And what they have achived?


1. 60:40 GPF pension, Further liability of 100℅ pension transferred to DOT.


2. 1st NEPP for BSNL absorbee is 4 years and subsequent 7 years but for BSNL recruitee it is flat 8 years.


3. BSNL absorbee exempted from departmental exam and promoted without financial loss(FR-22).BSNL recruitee still striving for their legalised demands.


Dear FORUM, Your fight for BSNL absorbee is really appreciable,you not kept a single stone unturned for their welfare but forgot to address BSNL recruitee . You always acted step brotherly,How far it is right for  BSNL recruited that 12℅ pension benefit still unsolved after 18 years?


Unfortunately, Some of Our brothers and friends still put curtains in their eyes. If some light leak in their eyes they feel irritated. If our combined efforts give us 30℅ SAB,that will be more beneficial than present 3rd PRC.Think Friends,wake up.Time to get United.


Please Click here for the Letter





The circle conference of SNATTA JHARKHAND Telecom Circle was held on 18.03.2018 at CTO Building , Ranchi. The meeting is Presided by Mr. Ranjit Singh Ji. Mr. Priya Ranjan Kumar-Coordinator(East)/SNATTA CHQ cum Vice President/SNATTA WB was present in the meeting. Mr Priya Ranjan Kumar, addressed the house by delivering his enthuestic speech about the achievement and future planning for our cadre. He counts the issue as JTO LICE, NEPP, SAB and all the burning issues of JEs cadre. He provided the full of energy to all the JEs present in the meeting by his speech and requested to be unite and proceed unitedely.

   Mr. Ranjit Singh Ji/Ex- SNATTA Members & other seniors were also present there. Mr. Ranjit Singh Ji addressed the house and exhorted the current issues like JTO LICE, 3rdPRC ,etc& also explained about Future of JE in BSNL.

Very good presentation were made by young and energetic JEs in the house. Mr. Amrendra  Kumar Singh,Mr. Chaitan Soren and Mr. Sujit Kumar are unanimously elected Circle Secretery, Central Coordinator and Circle President of SNATTA Jharkhand Circle respectively.

     At the end it is worthwhile to have such  a nice and energetic team of SNATTA Jharkhand Telecom Circle, which will surely flourish the dream of all members of Circle.The meeting was concluded after a vote of thanks by newly elected Circle President .


SNATTA Jharkhand Telecom Circle Newly Elected Circle Body
Name of the Post
Central Co-Ordinator CHAITAN SOREN JAMSHEDPUR 9470505777



Thank yo very much Team SNATTA JHARKHAND. SNATTA CHQ wishes you all the success in the life ahead.

Please Click here for Minutes of Meeting

21.02.2018 Message from SNATTA Co-Ordiantion Committee


As you already know that SNATTA CHQ had successfully conducted CEC on 14th January 2018 at Kidwai Bhawan, New Delhi.More than 50 delegates from 15 cirlces were present at CEC.At CEC,with consent of House, a Co-Ordination Committee was formed,and Members of the Committee were given resposibility to further arrange All India Conference (AIC).


SNATTA CO-Ordination Committee is now planning to arrange the AIC.


Please provide your valuable feedback regarding arrangement of upcoming AIC So that AIC can be arranged with grand success.



Please Click here

15.01.2018 Today,a team of SNATTA met with GM (Estt.) Shri. Keshab Rao Ji to discuss about the issue of conducting next JTO LICE.The delegation was led by GS Shri Anup Mukherjee and other leaders Shri. Sunil Gautam Dy.GS/SNATTA,Shri Suresh Kumar CS/SNATTA CTD,Shri Himangshu Jha CS/SNATTA WB and Shri. Abhisek Rana Working President /SNATTA WB were present.The discussion went very positive as Establishment Section assured the process has already started.Estt. Section will soon issue DO letter to all Circles about current vaccancy positions.Our SNATTA Circle Leaders are also requested to be in touch of their Circle HQ so that vaccancy positions may be calculated and sent as soon as possible.


Thank You.

15.01.2018 Successful completion of SNATTA CEC at Delhi dated 14.01.2018


SNATTA CEC Meeting conducted on 14th January 2018 at Kidwai Bhawan ,New Delhi. Shri. Rajendra Khanna Ji President/SNATTA CHQ Presided over the meeting. On stage there were glorious presence of Shri. Anup Mukherjee GS/SNATTA,Shri. Sunil Gautam Dy.GS/SNATTA,Shri. Raj Kumar Upadhay AGS/SNATTA and Shri Dutta Dubile Patil Ji CS/SNATTA MH. More than 50 delegates from 15 Cirlces attended the meeting. All cirlce office bearers elaborate their views and raised the present burning issues. Our GS briefed all the issues and queries raised by the participants.


With the consent of House, a Co-Ordiantion Committee was formed. Members of the Committee are given responsibilty to further arrange AIC and also to encourage other pending Cirlces to complete their Circle Conference as soon as possible.Zonewise responsibilty is also declared to the members of the committee. Furthermore,this Committee will act as intermediate CHQ until next All India Conference where next CHQ body will be officially elected and announced. All official belongings of current CHQ like EMAIL,WEBSITE Details etc. is handed over to the newly formed Committee.


SNATTA CHQ wishes all the very best to the Co-Ordiantion Committee and wish them all the success in future. SNATTA ZINDABAD.


SNATTA All India Co-Ordiantion Committee as per CEC Delhi dtd. 14.01.2018

 SL No.



Post in Committee

Contact No.


Dipendra Vasava





Alok Namdev


Joint Convenor



Samir Das


Joint Convenor



Priya Ranjan Kumar


Co-Ordinator (East)



Suraj Sanil


Co-Ordinator (East)



Ashwin Kumar


Co-Ordinator (West)



Puneet Mittal


Co-Ordinator (West)



Rupesh Barapatre


Co-Ordinator (South)



J. Vasant Kumar


Co-Ordinator (South)



Sandeep Kumar

NTR Delhi

Co-Ordinator (North)



Deepak Sharma


Co-Ordinator (North)



Nilkamal Banik


ESM Co-Ordiantor




Some Glimpse of CEC Meeting


13.01.2018 SNATTA CEC Will Start from 10:00 A.M at ,

Recreation Room

5th Floor,Kidwai Bhawan

Janpath,New Delhi

(Note: Nearest Metro Station : "JANPATH" Exit Gate No.3 )

13.01.2018 Some Glimplse of SNATTA Core Committee Meeting held today at Kashmiri Gate IQ Gate1.jpg Gate2.jpg Gate4.jpg Gate3.jpg



12.01.2018 SNATTA Welcomes all the delegates for Upcoming CEC dated 13th & 14th January 2018


As per schedule,the CEC will be held on 13th and 14 th January. On 13 th January (Saturday),Core Committee meeting will be held at Kashmiri Gate IQ and CEC meeting will be held on 14th January(Sunday) at Recreation Room,5th Floor,Kidwai Bhawan.


12.01.2018 A Notification for filling the Posts of Assistant Director (AD) and Junior Telecom Officer (JTO) in the Offices of the Sr . DDG, UPW LSA on deputation basis has been issued by Department of Telecommunication in UP WEST circle.Eligible candidates may apply as per notification.Such notification for Deputation Vaccancy may also be issued for other Circles also in future.


Please Click here for Notification


12.01.2018 Increase in Superanuuation Benefit from 3% to 5%


Corporate Office issued order regarding " Increase the existing rate of Employer's Contribution towards Superannuation Pension Scheme in respect of directly recruited employees of BSNL from 3% to 5% of Basic Pay Plus DA per Month w.e.f 01/04/2017".


Please Click here for Order


08.01.2018 SNATTA Maharashtra Circle Conference held successfully


6th SNATTA Maharashtra CIRCLE CONFERENCE is successfully held on dated 7-1-2018 at Jadhav Paradise, Tent Resort Nashik.Congratulations to Team SNATTA Nashik for beautiful arrangement of SNATTA  Circle Conference.

We are thankful to Shri. Girish Baviskar Ji DS/SNATTA Nashik, Shri. Prashant Yadav Ji DP/SNATTA Nashik,Shri. Sandeep Gangurde Ji, Gourav Sonar Ji ADP/SNATTA and entire SNATTA NASHIK Team and our dynamic Circle Treasurer/SNATTA MH CIRCLE Shri. Sagar Mate ji. 

Chief Guest was Shri. Nitin Mahajan Ji GMTD/Nashik.Other guests were Shri. Aadsul Sir DGS/SNEA CHQ & Circle Secretary SNEA/MH Circle, Shri Sangle Ji State Secretary of All India Public Sector & Central Govt. Officers Association,Shri Bhandane Ji Vice Circle President of All India OBC Employees Welfare Association,Shri. Sonvane Ji Vice Circle President/NFTE.Also Deputy Secretaries of BSNLEU,NFTE,SNEA and SEWA attended the meeting.

Deligates of SNATTA attended the meeting from the each and every corner of Maharashtra.

SNATTA CHQ cordially thankful to the leadership of SNATTA Maharashtra for conducting the beautiful event and welcome all new JEs to our beloved association.We look forward to meet the freshly elected SNATTA MH Circle body in upcoming CEC.

Thank You SNATTA Maharashtra.




Please Click here for New Elected Circle Body

Please Click here for Other Photos of the Event

05.01.2018 SNATTA West Bengal Circle Conference held successfully

The 4th Circle Conference of SNATTA WB Telecom Circle was held on 10.11.2017 at CTO Hall, Kolkata.Circle conference started enthusiastically with the lighting a Diya by Shr. Amit Khan/ Circle Secretary and he welcomed everyone . Hon'ble chief guest Sri Shyam Narain/ CGMT  WB CIRCLE and all guests were honored. Sri. Jagannath Sarkar/ Circle President, presided over the Seminar . The National Anthem was sung by CGMT and all delegates and participants in the conference Hall.   Hon'ble CGMT/WB Telecom Circle and PGM CFA / WB Telecom Circle both of them appreciated the SNATTA WB for choosing the topic " Future of  BSNL and its Recruitees" in open session.

Sri. Anup Mukherjee, GS/ SNATTA addressed the house by delivering his enthusiastic and vibrating speech on the achievements of our association and requirement of JE unity to settle the burning issues of JEs.

Senior Officers of West Bengal Telecom Circle and representatives of different Unions and Associations e.g. BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA and SNATTA CTD were also present there.

Sri. Himanshu Shekher Jha, Sri. Jay Prakash Narayan and Sri. Ratul Acharjee are unanimously elected Circle Secretary, Central  Coordinator  and Circle president of SNATTA WB Circle respectively.

The meeting was concluded after a vote of thanks by newly elected Circle President.

SNATTA CHQ cordially thankful to the leadership of SNATTA WB for conducting the beautiful event and welcome all new JEs to our beloved association.We look forward to meet the freshly elected SNATTA WB Circle body in upcoming CEC.

Thank You SNATTA West Bengal .



Please Click here for Minutes of Meeting

Please Click here for New Elected Circle Body

Please Click here for Other Photos of the Event

20.12.2017 Based on the letter given by GS regarding " Inordinate delay in declaration of JTO(T) LICE result of Punjab Circle for vacancy year 2014-15",Corporate Office issued Order to Punjab Circle to expedite to complete the process of JTO LICE for VY 2014-15 and report the status to Corporate Office as urgent basis.SNATTA Punjab is requested to keep up with this matter at Cirlce level.


Please Click here for Letter

20.12.2017 SNATTA Gujrat Circle Conference held on 19.11.2017


A very successful Circle Conference of SNATTA Gujrat Circle held on 19.11.2017 at Ahmedabad.The meeting was preside over by Shri Ravi Rajput, Circle President SNATTA Gujarat. CHQ Member Shri Indrakesh Yadav, All India Vice president was also present in the meeting.


SNATTA CHQ is thankful to SNATTA Gujrat for arranging the very successful CWC and welcome all new JEs to our beloved association.We look forward to meet the freshly elected SNATTA Gujrat Circle body in upcoming CEC.


Thank You SNATTA Gujrat .


Please Click here for Minutes of CWC


19.12.2017 GS writes to The GM (Estt & Rectt) regarding "Notification for Holding JTO(T) LICE under 50% Internal Quota for the vacancy year 2016-2017 "



Please Click here for Letter

11.12.2017 As per news, the proposal for amendment of JTO(T) RR 2014 regarding qualifying service condition of NE 6 from NE 9 has been withdrawn.Now Corporate Office can issue notification for next JTO LICE. All Circles are requested to prepare vaccancy position in the respective circle. SNATTA will do its level best to issue fresh notification as soon as possible.

08.12.2017 SNATTA CHQ Call to All Circles


Since the SNATTA CEC is going to be take place on 13th and 14th January 2018 , it is once again requested to all SNATTA Circle Office bearers to conduct their Circle Level Conference as soon as possible and electing future leaders of SNATTA at Circle.This has to be done before the upcoming SNATTA CEC. We are thankful to those circles who have alrady conducted the Circle Conference at their Circle.


CHQ also encourages new leaderships of all Circles to attend this CEC positively.

08.12.2017 SNATTA CEC dated 13th & 14th January 2018 MEETING VENUE:


Recreation Room

5th Floor,Kidwai Bhawan

Janpath,New Delhi

(Note: Nearest Metro Station : "JANPATH" Exit Gate No.3 )

Lodging of CEC Delegates are arranged at BSNL IQ, KASHMIRI GATE

20.11.2017 GS writes to Hon'ble DIR(HR) regarding " Inordinate delay in declaration of JTO(T) LICE result of Punjab Circle for vacancy year 2014-15".



Please Click here for Letter

08.11.2017 SNATTA CEC Meeting proposal


After discussions with all circles and SNATTA CHQ members, a proposal has been taken to conduct SNATTA Central Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting on 13th and 14th January 2018 (Saturday & Sunday respectively) at New Delhi.The main agendas for the Meeting are as follows:

1. Choosing and Building new leadership for future course of SNATTA.
2. Discussions on various issues of JEs and building strategies for course of actions.
3. Proposal to conduct All India Conference (AIC) of SNATTA and its the tentative date & Circle.

All circles and CHQ members are hereby requested to send their views in detail to at earliest so that further arrangements can be done accordingly.

25.10.2017 SNATTA/West Bengal Cirlce Annual General Body Meeting On 10th NOV (Friday), 2017 AT CTO Institute Hall, Kolkata
SNATTA,WEST BENGAL CIRCLE is going conduct Annual General Body Meeting ON 10TH NOV (Friday), 2017 AT CTO INSTITUTE HALL /KOLKATA-1.  Earlier plan to conduct the Meeting was delayed due to heavy rain in different parts of West Bengal. All are requested to accomplish the meeting successfully with participation of all the members of SNATTA WB as well as our newly recruited Junior Engineers. As decided earlier,an amount of Rs. 300/- is to be collected for the purpose from all. District bodies are requested to collect the same and send it to our Circle treasurer as soon as possible.
Friends, this is the time when a lot of SNATTAians got promotion to JTO through united effort of SNATTA and at the same time a good number of junior engineers entered in BSNL  who may be assumed to be a member of  SNATTA by default as because SNATTA could be run by them.We request all SNATTAians/Junior Engineers of west Bengal Circle  to join enmass with full enthusiasm and make it grand success.


Please Click here for Reception Committee

17.10.2017 A Sad News


It is very unfortunate to say Mr.M.KUTTIKUMARAN (JE, Pondicherry SSA, TN Circle, HR NO: 200903011) JTO Trainee at RGM TTC Chennai met with an accident on the early morning of 16-10-2017 at Chengalpattu on the way to Chennai and lost his life. He is survived by wife and nine month old baby boy. May his sole Rest In Peace!


30.09.2017 Good News! IDA to be increased 5.3% w.e.f 01.01.2017


It is learnt that IDA to be increased is 5.3% .Therefore the total IDA will be (119 +5.3) = 124.3% which will be effected from 01st October' 2017.

23.09.2017 Congratulations to all Direct Recruitees of BSNL as the additional Superannuation benefit of direct recruitees will now be seen in their payslip.SNATTA had given this proposal to management and we are happy to see the proposal is materialised now. Thank you all for your cordial support and unity.We are hopeful to get our rightful demand of 30% Superannuation benefit in near future.


SNATTA Zindabad. JE Unity Zindabad


Please Click here for September Payslip of one Direct Recruitee of BSNL

23.09.2017 SNATTA Rajasthan 5th Circle Conference successfully conducted 17.09.2017


The 5th  Circle Conference of SNATTA RAJASTHAN was held on 17th September 2017 at  Hotel Galaxy, Sikar Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Sh. R C  Arya, CGMT, Rajasthan Circle  was the Chief Guest .The function was presided over by Sh. Balraj Dogiwal ,Circle President , SNATTA Rajasthan. The Guest of Honor included  M K Marodiya( CS AIBSNLEA), Lalsingh Vikal(CS SEWA)Sh. Ashok Pareek(CS BSNLEU), Rajasthan and Sh. R G Dixit (CS NFTE) BSNL Rajasthan.     

The Conference was started with lightening a candle by Chief guest and other guests.  

  Sh. Ananda Ram Jangid, Central Co-ordinator SNATTA Rajasthan welcomed the delegates reminding everyone of the historical moment of such a large number of hitherto delegates coming together for their commitment to attend the Circle Conference of SNATTA. Then, He delivered the welcome speech. ALL the chief guests were honored.

    Com Sh. Ashok Pareek CS BSNLEU Rajasthan, addressed the house and without any hesitation accepted the outstanding performance of DRTTA’s in the management of services and customer satisfaction. He congratulated DRTTA’s for organizing such a grand Conference of Rajasthan Circle.

    Com Sh. R G Dixit, CS NFTE RAJASTHAN addressed the conference and explained the efforts taken by NFTE to settle the various issues of the TTA’s. He also congratulated DRTTA’s for organizing such a grand Conference of Rajasthan Circle  He also strongly supported the demands of DRTTA and promised to stand next to DRTTA’s in all situations.

All  the union representatives assured to oppose the Union Cabinet’s decision to form the Subsuduary Tower Company and Expressed desire that unity of all Union’s shold be further strengthened, to stop Subsidary Tower Company and to Settle Wage Revision.    
 Chief Guest Sh. R C  Arya, CGMT, Jaipur addressed the conference. He was very happy to see the huge no of young workers of BSNL .He stressed upon to increase the revenue of BSNL and decrease to repeated fault in field and friendly  behaviour with customer and resolve their problems .

Sh. Rajender Khanna CS SNATTA addressed the conference and delivered a very impressive, energetic and enthusiastic speech to young and dynamic cadre and explained the motive behind formation of SNATTA in detail. He also taught a lesson of unity to all delegates and told them that your identity is associated with SNATTA.. He appealed the delegates to strengthen SNATTA in their SSA and in their circle and thanks for support for  designation change issue TTA to JE. He focused on the marketing of bsnl mobile and landline plans  via social media like facebook and whatsapp.

In the end of first session Circle President Sh. Balraj Dogiwal addressed the house with the vote of thanks and invited for lunch. After this the lunch was started.After lunch open session started with the permission of Sh. Rajender Khanna SNATTA . He answered all questions raised by delegates during open session in very decent manner and then Mr. Balraj Dogiwal CP SNATTA dissolved old circle body and new circle body was elected.

Special Thanks to Mr. C.P Meena , and Mr. Rajender Khanna for anchoring and welcoming of Chief Guest and other special guests. Special Thanks to Mr. Kapil Saini (Jaipur),Mr. Jale singh (Jaipur) and entire SNATTA Rajasthan team for organizing such a grand event and making all arrangement for the members. A warm welcome was organized by garlanding to colleagues who were promoted as JTOs.

At last, the Circle Conference was ended with special thanks with sincere and deepest gratitude to the SNATTA team members of Rajasthan Circle for organizing a grand and very successful Circle Conference at Jaipur.


SNATTA CHQ congratulates SNATTA Rajasthan for successfully conducting the Circle Conference.The new Elected CIrcle body is hereby approved by SNATTA CHQ and we wish them all the success.




Please Click here for Minutes of Meeting


Please Click here for New Circle Body

05.09.2017 Considering the unavailabilty of trains from north bengal side due to flood,the Annual General Body Meeting of SNATTA WB on 8th September,2017 is postponed.The next date of Annual Meeting will be decided as soon as the train schedule becomes regular.It is expected the next date will be decided very soon.

04.09.2017 GS As per SNATTA CTD General Body meeting held on 25.07.2017,SNATTA CHQ is hereby approving the newly elected Circle Office Beares and wishes them best of Luck.


Please Click here for SNATTA CTD Body

24.08.2017 SNATTA/West Bengal Cirlce Annual General Body Meeting On 8th SEPT, 2017 AT CTO Institute Hall, Kolkata
SNATTA,WEST BENGAL CIRCLE is going conduct Annual General Body Meeting ON 08TH SEPT, 2017 AT CTO INSTITUTE HALL /KOLKATA-1.  A reception committee was formed to accomplish it successfully with participation of all the members of SNATTA WB as well as our newly recruited Junior Engineers. It is decided to collect an amount of Rs. 300/- for the purpose from all. District bodies are requested to collect the same and send it to our Circle treasurer as soon as possible.
Friends, this is the time when a lot of SNATTAians got promotion to JTO through united effort of SNATTA and at the same time a good number of junior engineers entered in BSNL  who may be assumed to be a member of  SNATTA by default as because SNATTA could be run by them.We request all SNATTAians/Junior Engineers of west Bengal Circle  to join enmass with full enthusiasm and make it grand success.


Please Click here for Reception Committee

21.08.2017 Update on JTO RR 2014 Amenment


In an intense discussion with competent authority in  Estt. Section, BSNL Corporate Office regarding notification for next line of promotion through JTO(T) LICE for Vaccancy Year 2016-17, it has came to knowledge that in JTO RR 2014, existing eligibility clause of 5 years service in NE-9 scale is going to change with 5 years service in NE-6 scale, with no change in education qualification criteria. The file is put up for Management Committee(MC) approval thereafter for Board approval.

16.08.2017 Urgent Update on Next JTO LICE


SNATTA CHQ is in continuous persuasion with management to start the process of next JTO LICE.Several meetings have been conducted in this regard. Management informed us that they will initiate the process only after receiving Vacancy informations from all circles. Now, it is hereby requested to all SNATTA Circle office bearers to peruse urgently to the respective Circle Office for recent VACANCY POSITION of that Circle and send it to Corporate Office. Also the VACANCY POSITION should be collected by SNATTA Circle office bearers and kindly send it to SNATTA CHQ for further pursuance.

31.07.2017 Stop playing with the Unity JEs ,the working pillars of BSNL


This was the website update of one of the prominent executive association and we feel proud when we see SNATTA getting space in others website.But it is beyond our expectation that someone interfering our association's matter and trying best to break the unity. Infact our alliance partner BSNLEU proof responsible trade union in true sense. The circle names mentioned in the update consulted CHQ for their stand excect one or two circles, now we assume that those circles against CHQ not having any political inclination to work out the situation which is utmost required to deal with management or others. We request all of you to develop these skill sets, surely benefited in future as we are in transition phase.




SNATTA CTD Circle organized a Grand and Very Successful GB cum CEC meeting on 25th July, 2017at CTO HALL, Kolkata from 11:30 am onward. Almost 350 to 400 members of SNATTA lightened the occasion. Circle body in front of CHQ leaders General Secretary, Sri. Anup Mukherjee & Communication secretary Sri. Sandip Parui pleased to see the enthusiasm and energy among all members. Also, SNATTA CTD Circle President Shri Prasun Ghosh, SNATTA CTD Cirlce Secretray Shri Saikat Maji, SNATTA CTD Asst. Cirlce Secretary Shri. Sudhan Kaity Ji enriched the program with their glorious presence and valuable speech.They emphasized on unity & SNATTA’s glorious history of fight for TTAs(JEs).SNATTA CTD conveyed the gatherings “ ALL Young energetic & Motivated Members Must play important role for the growth of BSNL & Regaining its past Glory“.


An open Session organized with topic “Future Challenges and Role of JEs (TTAs) & their future in BSNL, CALCUTTATELEPHONES”. Our respected guest Sri. Debasis Sarkar ( PGM-mobile) though unable to present at the occasion but forwarded his important message for new Armies of BSNL ,JEs .Sri.Subhash Sil ji, circle organizing Secretary ,NFTE deliver his valuable speech & narrated about future of BSNL.our GS Sri. Anup Mukherjee deliver his vibrating & enthusiastic speech .He mesmerize about the long fighting battle of Designation Change ,JTO –LICE.He talked about all the present burning issues & role of JEs against negative exploitation. the Spirit of the house reciprocated our GS with a united sound “SNATTA JINDABAD,JEs Unity JINDABAD”


The CEC MEETING started at 3 :30 pm keeping the matter of forming NEW CIRCLE BODY.SNATTA members anonymously elected its new circle body in front of CC,Sri.Sankar Sanyal,GS Sri Anup Mukherjee. The Newly elected Circle passed its RESOLUTION & AGENDA POINTS for future movement.


This BOOSTED, ENTHUSIASTIC & OVERWHWLEMED gathering again proved unity among JEs. Meeting concluded with slogan “SAAT SAAT EK SAAT, SNATTA JINDABAD”


Please Click here for Photos

22.07.2017 SNATTA has withdrawn support from Strike on 27.07.2017


Friends, Brothers and Sisters, let's discuss about agendas of the strike called by JOINT FORUM on 27.07.2017

1. 3rd PRC: 

First of all we have gathered a lot many experiences through these years about the behavior of management, and this time it's clearly showing their positive attitude towards implementation of 3rd PRC. Our CMD and Director(HR) are continuously trying to give their views in favour of 3rd PRC to DoT with 15% fitment and how to cope with the additional expenditure of Rs. 2800 crore, may be needed per year to serve the very demand.

Now it's the Union leaders' time to talk to DoT/Govt. Of India for having the benefits earlier from 3Rd PRC , We cannot understand any point to strike BSNL or give a treatment to our management where they are completely in favor of 3rd PRC. It's time to go for DHARNA/HUNGER STRIKE/SLOGAN/GATHERING/MARCH in front of parliament or DoT office, not in BSNL. What you say? 

2. 30% Superannuation benefits: 

You know management is really trying this time to solve these DR issue in progress, as management already agreed on SAB at previously we had 18% SAB, thereafter it is going to increase up to 5% (3% in final stage +2% file is already in process) so we will get 23% SAB (Super Annuation Benefit). They promise us to increase it gradually with time to make it bearable for our beloved organisation. 

Now should we work with BSNL management with a friendly attitude or war with them on this point. What you say ? 

3. Standard Pay Scale:                    

DoT is playing with us with this very legitimate issue that is standard pay scale(E2,E3), not BSNL management. CMD have been saying for a long time that we are completely eligible for these demands. Then why to strike BSNL for this time where other Telecom sectors are continuously making potential threat to our existence.  What you say ? 

4. Injustice in pension contributions :

This is the only valid point that we may fight with management that the pension holder should have their justice. Friends we have complete respect on all the employees of BSNL and we want everyone's legitimate rights too, but how can SNATTA go for strike for this single issue. What you say ? 
      Friends, we are here to make our career not to destroy it. We are smart and intelligent enough to take our own decisions, and we fought /fighting /will be fighting for BSNL and it's cadre. When we find any logical demands, and we will find any injustices we will never stop our fighting, but we can't let anyone to use us where we can see no real cause to draw us in, upto that extent. 

      We are highly democratic and believe in unity as we have prove it with our historic wins on demands. We provide our logical fights by achieving our JE DESIGNATION,  consecutively and successful arrange and about to be completed THREE JTO LICE AND TRAINING, ONE INCREMENT, RULE 8 TRANSFER only for JE to JTO /JAO, OUR JTO RR 2014, EX-SERVICEMEN demands, EXTENTION OF JE AND JAO recruitment etc. 

        Friends we are here fighting continiously for JTO/JAO LICE,  Change JAO LICE eligibility reduced to 3 years,  post paid service SIM to JEs, Justified NEPP along with that line up the pending SDE LDCEs, E2/E3, more flexibility on rule 8 transfer etc. Don't forget we are not going to retired within 2/3/4 years and not having our pension too. Say, if anyone of us will be published for this strike where we have near about 3000 new JEs in their probation period, who will supposed to come for help? I am again telling you we are here to make our career very honestly which we have for proved several times, not to destroy it. 

       Friends put your faith on anyone but think hundred times where to give,  take your lesson from the history and stay united !!!

Remember our goal friends "AIMING FOR A BETTER TOMORROW"!!!


Please Click here for the Letter


Please Click here for the Corporate Office Order to all circles


21.07.2017 GS writes to GM(Rectt. & Trng.) once again requesting her to publish notification for holding up JTO LICE for the vaccancy year 2016-17 as the vaccancy year falls due on 30the June'2017 for qualifying 5 yrs service condition in NE-9 scale as Gr C.


Please Click here for the Letter

19.07.2017 Update on 30% Superannuation Benefit


Today,our leadership met with GM(SR) in corporate office discussed about the long pending issue of superannuation benefit.It is a great pleasure to learn that management is soon going to approve additional 2% superannuation benefit and file has gone to management committe for approval. Further the remaining percentage will be strongly considered as per financial condition of organisation. SNATTA welcomes BSNL management for the step ahead to this long pending issue and we are hopeful to get our rightful demand of 30% Superannuation benefit in near future.

14.07.2017 GS writes letter to DIR(HR) regarding "Unwanted delay in declaration of 2 nd JTO (T) LICE result for VY 2014-15 held on 24.09.2016 in case of Punjab Circle" .


Please Click here for Letter


14.07.2017 GS writes letter to DIR(HR) regarding "Unwanted delay in declaration of 3 rd JTO (T) LICE result for VY 2015-16 held on 11.12.2016 in case of Haryana Circle".


Please Click here for Letter


13.07.2017 Due to continious persuation of SNATTA CHQ to management for publishing the second merit list of qualified candidates w.r.t the vaccancies vide notification no. 7-1/2016 Rectt. dated 24.06.2016 ,Corporate Office have finally published the demanded List on 05.07.2017.


We are very much thankful to BBOA for supporting this legitimate demand and helping us to achieve this.


Please Click here for the LIST


12.07.2017 Update on 3rd PRC


Immediately after the return of CMD from foreign tour, BSNL given its proposal, how it is going to meet the additional expenditure of about 2,800 Crores on account of 3rd PRC implementation with full 15% fitment for Executives as well as Non Executives. This figure of 2800 Cr is based on pension contribution on actual basic pay. If pension contribution has to be paid on maximum of the pay scales as done now, there will be an additional expenditure of about 1,400 Cr on account of pension contribution. Today, DIR(HR) Smt Sujata T Ray met Member(Fin), DoT and explained the BSNL proposal. The draft Cabinet memo circulated by DPE is being examined by DoT.

08.07.2017 GS writes letter to DIR(HR) requesting to consider view on Eligibility Criteria proposed in JAO RR 2016 for Departmental candidates regarding .


Please Click here


01.07.2017 SNATTA is in continious persuation with management to vacate 146 vaccancies reserved for Officiating JTOs of Tamilnadu Circle.These vaccancies belonged to Vaccancy year 2000-2001 and were kept reserved for Officiating JTOs by verdict of Chennai High Court. Also BSNL Tamilnadu Circle management filed SLP against the verdict. Now, as per JTO RR 2014, all the Officiating JTOs has been regularised and there is no need to reserve the said 146 vaccancy. Also, 74 qualified JEs of JTO LICE for VY 2015-16 are left out due to insufficient vaccancy.Now if the 146 vaccancy is released,those qualified JEs can easlily be absorbed as JTO.


Now, Bharatya BSNL Officers Association (BBOA) have written a letter to DIR(HR & F) in this regard.We are heartily thankful to BBOA for their support and effort to resolve the issue.


Please Click here


27.06.2017 GS writes letter to PGM(Estt) requesting to take early action on 146 vaccancies reserved for officiating JTO in Tamilnadu Cirlce under SLP in Supreme Court regarding.



Please Click here


17.06.2017 Due to our consistent effort management agree to exercise the wait list in case of DRJE recruitment after getting feedback of vacancy position from the circles. It is important for those willing to work with BSNL.

17.06.2017 As per the decision of the unions and associations, country wide dharnas are to be conducted on 20th June, demanding wage revision, pension revision, superannuation benefits for the Directly Recruited employees and withdrawal of the Corporate Office letter, banning trade union activities. Only a few days are left for this struggle. Circless are requested to coordinate with the other unions and associations and to take maximum efforts to make the programme a massive success.

12.06.2017 Corporate Office has issued Orders for those JE candidates who have also got selected as DR JTO through GATE. For those candidates,their Bond Agreement Papers should be sent to concerned circles from where they have been selected as JTO. No refund for JE training should be taken back from thse candidates.For details please see order.


Please Click here for the Order

12.06.2017 Notice for agitational programme for settlement of wage revision and other various demands has been served by Unions and Associations of BSNL to Secretary / DoT and CMD BSNL.All are requested to prepare for daylong Dharna on 20.06.2017.Please view Notice for details.


Please Click here for the Notice

12.06.2017 CMD BSNL writes to DOT for implementation of 3rd PRC justifying 15% fitment benefit.


Please Click here for the Letter

07.06.2017 GS writes to GM(Rectt. & Trng.) requesting her to publish notification for holding up JTO LICE for the vaccancy year 2016-17 as the vaccancy year falls due on 30the June'2017 for qualifying 5 yrs service condition in NE-9 scale as Gr C.


Please Click here for the Letter

05.06.2017 An all Union /Association meeting took place today with Hon'ble CMD BSNL to discuss about various HR issues and specially Wage Revision.Our Dy GS Shri Sunil Gautam was present in meeting.In the discussion CMD told that the Wage Revision issue is related with Ministry Level approval. He, himself is very hopeful that the process will be initiated very soon. Also he assured that he will bring Wage Revision to BSNL at any cost and at any level persuation. He asked for support from all Union and Associations leaders.So friends we are also hopeful on our Hon'ble CMD's commitment. All are requested to prepare for a further phase of struggle to attain our wage revison.

05.06.2017 SNATTA demaded immidiate issue of Training Order for JTO Prebasic Training for Vaccancy Year 2015-16 so that Prebasic training can be started soon after completion of JE induction training. Our GS have already written a letter to GM (Rectt. and Trng.) to expedite the process.


Please Click here for the Letter



Welcome Meeting with New Recruited JEs at NSCBTTC,Kalyani,CTD

On 24.05.2017, Under the leadership of GS Shri Anup Mukherjee, a delegation of SNATTA CTD visited NSCBTTC,Kalyani,CTD to meet with fresh recruit JEs undergoing induction training.The delegation has GS Shri Anup Mukherjee ji, along with Circle President SNATTA CTD   Shri Prosun Ghosh Asst. CS Shri Sudhan Kaity, Shri Gourav Pal ,Shri Smruti Ranjan, Shri Suresh Kumar, Shri Prabin Kumar , Shri Naveen Kumar , Smt. Supti Sarkar , Shri Sanjib Ghosh along with other 26 leadership of SNATTA CTD. An interactive meeting took place with energentic speechs from Anup Mukherjee,Suresh Kumar,Supti Sarkar and they explained well the virtue of our unity.All JEs and also JAOs undergoing training there were present in the meeting. About 70 DR JEs from CTD, NE1,NE II. 40 JAO's from West Bengal,Orissa, Bihar attended the meeting.

It is a request to all other Circle Office bearers of SNATTA to conduct such meeting with fresh JEs and welcome them to BSNL Family.

Please Click here for More Photos


On 20.05.2017, a delegation of JEs from Tamilnadu Circle (from SSAs Erode, Salem, Coimbatore, Tanjore, Madurai) headed by ACS/SNATTA Shri S.C.Rajeswaran attended BSNLEU's 8th Tamilnadu Circle Conference.

A momento shield was handed over to the BSNLEU GS. Shri P.Abhimanyu ji, AGS Shri Chellapa, Circle Secretary A. Babu RadhaKrishnan.

SNATTA TN greeted BSNLEU Tamilnadu circle on this occasion.

21.05.2017 A letter has been written to GM(Rectt. & Training) requesting immidiate issue of Office Order for JTO Pre basic training of VY 2015-16.It is well known that at present training centres are busy with imparting induction training to DR JE batches; therefore the JTO pre-basic training may be started soon after JE induction training is completed.


Please Click here for the Letter

19.05.2017 GS write letter to DIR(HR) requesting management to rectify the discrepecies of result of JTO LICE for VY 2015-16 and include the names of the left out candidates at the earliest,so that they can also join training with their batchmates.


Please Click here for the Letter

17.05.2017 All Circle and SSA SNATTA Office bearers are hereby requested to arrange a welcome meeting with fresh recruit JEs in respective training centers.

11.05.2017 SNATTA write letter to DIR(HR) regarding inordinate delay and disparity in issuing training orders for newly recruited 2700 JEs for VY 2016-17. As some circles have already started JE training,but rest of the circles yet to start the training. According to JTO RR-2014, the candidates whose training commence after 30 th June of a particular Vacancy Year shall be considered junior to their same year batch-mates whose training starts before 30 th June. We requested management to avoid this discrimination by instructing all the circles to start the JE training before 30th June'2017.


Please Click here for the Letter

11.05.2017 A situation was arised regarding nomination of our Dy.GS Shri Sunil Gautam as he is the NCM member nominated by BSNLEU was cancelled by BSNL management. But , by the strong protest of BSNLEU, management decided to retain Shri Sunil Gautam as nominated NCM member from staffside and the previous order of cancellation is held in abeyance till further order.


In this regard,we are very thankful to the Shri P Abhimanyu Ji GS/BSNLEU for his strong representation to management to retain Sunil Gautam as NCM member. Today, Sunil Ji is participating in NCM meeting on our agenda items.


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11.05.2017 Yesterday, SNATTA CHQ had meeting with GM (Rectt. & Trng.) regarding publication of results of left out candidates for 3rd JTO LICE. She ensured to expedite the process of publishing the result for eligible candidates. Also discussion have been made regarding start of training of LICE passed candidates.We requested management to start the training as soon as possible.

08.05.2017 The long pending demand of SNATTA regarding eligibility for Rule-8 transfer for newly promoted JTOs/JAOs is finally heard by BSNL management.Order has been issued in this regard to amend BSNL employees transfer policy. A new para has been added to the policy especially for JTOs/JAOs promoted from JE(TTA) cadre.


The para says:


"The service rendered in JE(TTA) grade would be counted towards eligibility for transfer under Rule-8 in JTO/JAO grade after qualifying LICE provided newly appointed JTOs/JAOs serve for one year in case of NE-I, NE-II, J&K, Assam, and A& N Telecom Circles and for two years in case of other circles."



Please Click here for the Letter

08.05.2017 Corporate Office have issued letter on calculation of vacancies of JTO under Limited Internal Competitive Examination(LICE) and Direct Recruit quota.



Please Click here for the Letter

27.04.2017 SNATTA extends full support towards Executive FORUM Movement regarding E2-E3

Convenor of Joint Forum of BSNL Executive's Association and GS/SNEA Shri K Sebastin ji wrote to our GS Shri Anup Mukherjee reagrding the ongoing trade union movement started by Executive Forum.In this regard,SNATTA is extending its whole hearted support to the movement to defend the proposed downgradation of payscale of entry level executive cadre i.e JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs.


SNATTA strongly protests the Presidential Order dated 28.03.2017 declining BSNL's proposal of standard payscale. All friends are requested to support the Executive Forum's movement for the sake of your future.


Please Click here for the Letter

19.04.2017 On 18.04.2017 ,SNATTA Team led by Dy.GS Shri Sunil Gautam alongwith delegations from Punjab and Haryana Circle met with several layers at Corporate Office.The delegation included Shri Amit Bhalla,Shri Raman Khullar and other responsible members from Punjab and Haryana Circle. Discussion took place on various issues.The team discussed in detail with DGM(Estt) regarding fresh issues arises due to Corporate Office letter on vaccancy callculation.Though discussion with PGM(Estt) could not took place as she is in leave now.


The matter of Rule-8 trasfer of Departmental JTO has also been discussed.It has been assured that a letter will be issed soon regarding relaxation of service condition in executive cadre in case of Rule-8 trasfer. This will be helpful for our friends who are in hard tenure in NE-I,NE-II or in J&K Circle and it was an old demand of SNATTA.


Also the issue of left out names in the result of last JTO LICE(VY 2015-16) has also been discussed. It has been assured that work is in progress.We will try hard to get the work done as soon as possible.


14.04.2017 Revised Result and Answer Key for 3rd JTO LICE published


The revised result of 3rd JTO LICE has been published. All the anomalies regarding wrong name, missing name etc. has been rectified accordingly.Verified Response Sheet has also been uploaded.Candidates are requested to check the details and if any further anomaliy noticed,kindly inform SNATTA CHQ by emailing at snattachq@!


Please Click here

13.04.2017 Welcome fresh Junior Engineers(JEs) to SNATTA family


Freshly recruited Junior Engineers are starting their training from 17.04.2017 in different Regional Training Centers of BSNL accross India.We are nothing but happy to have these young and energetic JEs in BSNL and We are whole heartedly welcoming them to SNATTA family. All Circles and SSA office bearers of SNATTA are requested to extend their helping hand to all Fresh JEs if they find any problem.


Engineers! Welcome to BSNL ! Welcome to SNATTA !



Today the much awaited result 0f 3rd JTO LICE has been published and with this the dream of SNATTA has come fulfilled today.All the batches of pre 2007,2008 and 2009 is becoming JTO which was the very reason of SNATTA formation.The enormous integrity of Junior Engineer community accross the nation have strengthen SNATTA to its fullest and we have proved once again that TOGETHER WE CAN AND WE WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.Heartiest congratulations to all the succesful candidates and we wish them every success in their life.Remember,our integrity and unity will only decide our future fate.


Again,those whose name has not there in Merit List are requested not to panic more and send their candidature details to and a copy to as soon as possible for rectification.Also any discrepancy/error noticed in any of the column may please be brought to the notice immediately latest by 15/04/2017 positively to the above mentioned email id.


Once again congratulations to all successful candidates. SNATTA Jindabad .


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31.03.2017 Good News! BSNL approved 3% SAB towards Superannuation Pension Scheme


BSNL management have approved additional 3% (of Basic +IDA) of employer contribution towards Superannuation Pension Scheme for Direct Recruitee BSNL Employees.The Order will be effected from 05.05.2016. In this regard,Corporate office have issued this order to all Circles with instruction to calculate financial laibility for the year 2016-17.


Click here for Order

30.03.2017 GS again wrote a letter to management regarding inordinate delay happening to publish the 3rd JTO LICE result.Dy.GS met with recruitment section about the progression of result publication. It has been learnt that Review Committee have submited the complete report to management and file has been approved by management.Sify has been instructed to prepare the result.Once the result is received,it will be approved by DIR HR.We are expecting the result wihin next week positively.Thank You.


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30.03.2017 DOT issued Presidential Order Reagrding fixation of E1A and E2A Scale


On 28.03.2017,DOT have issued Presidential Order to fixate revised E1A scale(18850-40800) and E2A scale(22800-46500) for those who have been recruited or apointed on prerevised E1A or E2A scale.With immidiate effect, the promoted or new recruited JTOs/JAOs or SDEs/AOs will be placed in E1 scale(16400-40500) and E2 scale(20600-46500) respectively from now onwards.This decision of DOT is against DPE Guidelines and also BSNL Proposal. SNATTA strongly protest the Order and calls for nationwide movement.Be prepared.


Click here for Order Page 1


Page 2

28.03.2017 3rd JTO LICE regarding


Yesterday,Shri Sunil Gautam ji Dy.GS SNATTA CHQ , met with each and every layers of management regarding 3rd JTO LICE Examination Result .Management side informed us  that, they are also doing Result regarding works and called next 2 days continuous back to back meetings so they can publish 3r JTO LICE Examination Result within next few days. 


Information received from recruitment section is  that,  one section review have completed and second section review will be completed  in next 2 days through these meetings. Sunil Gautam ji also served one letter to Management regarding inordinate delay in publishing 3rd JTO LICE Examination Result.


23.03.2017 The collective effort of SNATTA CHQ, BSNL AP Circle Management and Jabbalpur training center have made an arrangement to complete the JTO Phase I Training of AP 2008 Batch in Hyderabad Training Center.The AP 2008 Batch was persuing JTO Pahse I training at RTTC Rajpira, Punjab.Due to most unfortunate death of Shri Vijay Kumar Palakerthi ,during his training in Rajpura, we persued management to consider the training of whole AP batch should take place in home circle training center i.e Hyderabad.We wish all trainees who are undergoing training in different BSNL training centers across India may complete their training successfully.We wish them to stay healthy and happy.

Thank You.

22.03.2017 RIP Shri Vijay Kumar Palakerthi
No word is enough to express the tragic loss of one young life.His name is Vijay Kumar Palakerthi,and he was from Nellore SSA, AP Circle persuing his JTO Phase I training in Rajpura Training Center when he took his last breathe leaving behind his family alone.We are saddened to the core. Now,its our duty to stand beside his family to extend our support for his family.We request all Circle SNATTA leadership and all JEs of all circle to make collection.We will update the A/C details as soon as we get it. All we can do is to pray to almighty that Shri Vijay Kumar Palakerthi may Rest In Peace.


19.03.2017 It is a very proud moment for us that our colleague & friend Sri Apurba Mallick,JE/Barrackpore/CTD (Now undergoing JTO Phase I training) won the first prize in Very Prestigious  The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards (HIPA) under general categories (Black & White) recently held in dubai. We also like to congratulate him for this outstanding feat.


We are also like to convey our best wishes for his further success and more and more achivements in the years to come.

15.03.2017 3rd JTO LICE regarding


Today, our Dy.GS Shri Sunil Gautam alongwith other SNATTA leaders met with Joint GM(Rectt.),DGM(Rectt) and DGM(Admin) regarding the status of 3rd JTO LICE.It has been learnt that the Review Committee will submit its report tomorrow,but due to physical illness, DIR(HR) is in leave now.Until DIR(HR) Madam joins,the final submission of Report is not possible. We wish to Dir(HR) Madam for her quick recovery. It has been assured that the rest process of publication of Result will be done promptly.


15.03.2017 Thank You trainees of NSCBTTC,Kalyani,CTD for Contribution towards the family of Sh. Ram Aashrey Yadav


We are thankful to JTO trainees of NSCBTTC,Kalyani ,CTD for a total contribution of Rs. 9300/- towards the familiy of Sh. Ram Aashray Yadav and we wish him a quick recovery and may he return to his workplace soon.

15.03.2017 Today's all union /association meeting decided to immediately submit a memorandum to the Government, on wage revision to BSNL employees and to conduct Badge wearing and Gate Meetings on 05-04-2017 on this issue.


08.03.2017 Thank You trainees of ALTTC Ghaziabad for Contribution towards the family of Sh. Ram Aashrey Yadav


We are thankful to JTO trainees of ALTTC Ghaziabad for a total contribution of Rs. 37400/- towards the familiy of Sh. Ram Aashray Yadav.The JTO trainees are from NTR, UP(West), Chhatisgarh, Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, J&K batches.

08.03.2017 This is related to the function organised by JTO(T) trainees from NTR, Chhatisgarh, UP(W), Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh & J&K at KC Reddy Hall in ALTTC Ghaziabad under the guidance of Sh. KKS Yadav.


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08.03.2017 Friends, a lunch hour demonstration will be held at Corporate Office tomorrow, as a part of the Raj Bhawan / Collectorate March, being conducted throughout the country. Kindly help to organise the demonstration successfully. 


07.03.2017 Memorandum to be submitted to the Governor / Collector / District Magistrate


As per schedule, BSNL Unions and Associations are conducting massive March to Raj Bhawan / Collectorate / District Magistrate’s office throughout the country on 09.03.2017. As per the decision taken in the meeting of the unions and associations, held at New Delhi on 06.02.2017, a memorandum is to be submitted to the Governor / Collector / District Magistrate. The matter to be incorporated in the memorandum has been finalised, in consultation with the unions and associations. The same is attached herewith. Circle and district secretaries are requested to download it and get it ready for submission. Before submission, the address of the Governor / Collector / District Magistrate may be filled up. The memorandum must also be signed by all the circle secretaries / district secretaries, as the case may be.


Click here for Memorandum

06.03.2017 GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding inordinate delay in declaration of Departmental JTO LICE result for the Vaccancy Year 2015-16


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06.03.2017 It's a good news for all my friends that sh Ram Ashray Yadav admitted in DMC Ludhiana is out from COMA .he is blinking his eyes.and his IQ is now at point 7.normal human has iq of point 15.and dead body has iq of point 3.previously he has iq of point the position is improved now.thank to God and all my colleagues positive wishes.

06.03.2017 Congratulations To All Newly selected members of SNATTA Nagpur


Congratulations To All Newly selected SNATTA Nagpur Family Members as there is meeting held Today's on 5 March 2017.Newly selected SNATTA(J.E.) NAGPUR body is as follows.

1. DISTRICT PRESIDENT -Mr.Avinash shambharkar.

2. A D P - Mr.Umesh Tirbude

3. DS - Mr. Rupesh Barapatre

4.ADS -Mr. Pratik Akre

5. Treasurer - Mr. Pankaj Manwatkar.


SSA Coordinator - Mr. Shekhar Bahekar

Ex Member -

1.Mr. Vijendra Dokrimare

2.  Mr. Gaurav Korde

3. Mr. Atul Dhakate.

03.03.2017 Thank You RTTC Lucknow for Contribution towards the family of Sh. Ram Aashrey Yadav


Besides all out help of SNATTA Punjab Circle,trainees of RTTC Lucknow have came forward and contributed Rs. 23,600/- to stand beside the family of Sh. Aashrey Yadav who is in coma for last few days. This is an inspiration for SNATTAians of rest of India and we do hope all will come up to further help the victim's family and soon Sh. Aashrey Yadav will return to his normal flow of life .

02.03.2017 An Appeal to all


Shri Ram Aashrey Yadav, JE/Mandi Dabawali has met a fatal car accident and injured badly. He is in Coma now after this accident.He is now in treatment in DMC Hospital,Ludhiana.He is from 2009 JE recruitment batch. Let's pray to almighty for his quick recovery. SNATTA Punjab is hereby initiating a small campaign to help him.We request every menber of SNATTA and whoever reading this message,to contribute to help him in this critical situation.


Account Number of Brother of Sh. Ram Aashrey Yadav is given Below:


Name: Ashok Yadav

Bank Account Number: 32140918692

IFSC Code: SBIN0003552


Contact No. 8605820892

28.02.2017 FORUM of BSNL Unions and Associations Conducting March to Raj Bhawan and Collectorate / DM Office regarding Niti Aayog's recommendation on disinvestment/ strategic sale of BSNL on 09.3.2017


FORUM of BSNL Unions and Associations Conducting a march to Raj Bhawan and Collectorate / DM Office by BSNL executive and non executives regarding Niti Aayog's recommendation on disinvestment/ strategic sale of BSNL and other issues on 09.03.2017.


SNATTA is full supporting this move and requesting all SNATTIANs to join this historic movement to make it a success.


Click here for FORUM Letter


28.02.2017 3rd JTO LICE Result regarding


As per news,the publication of 3rd JTO LICE result was as per schedule,but unfortunately some review requests have came from some circles.Now as per rule,a review committe is expected to be formed to further review the result.Therefore, the result may be delayed for some time. SNATTA CHQ is persuing with full effort to publish the result at the earliest. Answer Key of 3rd JTO LICE


Click here



07.02.2017 Vaccancy Calculation problem of Punjab Circle is resolved.Congratulations to SNATTA Punjab and all


Vacancy issue of Punjab Circle has been finalised by dedicated efforts of SNATTA Punjab.As surplus vaccancies have been increased, hence all qualified candidates of Punjab will become JTO from each batch 2013-14,15-16.


Its a great achivement and SNATTA CHQ has always been there for any help needed.Our DyGS Shri Sunil Gautam has continiously persuied the case.


Special thanks to Raman Khullar and Pawan Verma Ji,SNATTA Circle President,Amit Bhalla and all JEs of Punjab whose support and will to fight for their right brought this result.


Congratulations Team SNATTA Punjab


Vaccancy for each batch





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07.02.2017 Letter is written to the CMD BSNL, on behalf of the unions and associations, intimating the decision taken in yesterday's meeting, to work for extra one hour, from 10-02-2017 to 31-03-2017, for increasing the productivity of the Company. The CMD BSNL is also requested to send necessary intimation to all the circle and SSA heads, for extending cooperation, as well as for arranging for necessary stores and materials.


SNATTA also encouraages the working spirit and requests all BSNL staffs to work 1 hr extraa accordingly.


Click here for Letter


04.02.2017 JAO Review Result declared


As committed by BSNL management,the JAO reviewed result have published with answer key.We are thankful to the Review committee for their dedication towards solving the anomalies and also to the management for the effort.Heartily congratulations to all successful candidates once again.


Click here for Answer Key


Click here for Result


04.02.2017 External JE Result Declared


As expected,the rechecked and modified result of Direct Recruitment of JE from open market has been declared on 02.02.2017.Congratulations to all successful candidates and we are welcoming them to the BSNL JE fraternity.All circle office bearers of SNATTA is hereby requested to guide these fresh JEs.


Click here for Forwarding letter


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01.02.2017 External JE recruitment will be resumed soon


A good news have come that the process of Direct Recruitment of JE will be resumed soon as BSNL have received the enquiry report from DoT with positive note in it to further continue the recruitment process till final appointment with the corrigendum to include those candidates who fail to fall in final merit list despite scoring minimum cut off marks.We are thankful to BSNLEU for their continious effort in this regard.

01.02.2017 3rd JTO LICE Answer key will be published within 2-3 days.


In continious meeting with Recruitment cell, SNATTA have finally managed to persue GM (Rectt) to publish the answer key of 3rd JTO LICE.The answer key will be published within 2-3 days.The Standard Procedure(SOP) will also go on simultaneously.Candidates are advised to follow SOP to avoid future complicacy.

01.02.2017 JAO Review Result is coming within a few days


SNATTA approached hard to management to publish the final JAO Review Result. It is learnt that Management is doing its best from last 2 days to publish result as soon as possible and thay have assured it will done within a few more days.

01.02.2017 Big congratulations to SNATTA GUJARAT for conducting 5th circle conference successfully on 22.01.2017, Sunday at Relish Restaurant & Banquet,Ahmedabad. Around 95 Members from all the SSA have took part very enthusiastically and made it the grand success.Congratulations to all our JE cadre belongs to Gujrat and the same is being extended to our new and old circle leadership for this successful Conference.

24.01.2017 GS writes to PGM(Estt), requesting extension of One additional increment to all Direct Recruit JEs recruited on advertisement of basic pay 7100-200-10100.Today, Dy. GS met with Estt. section and discussed the issue throughly.He strongly established that the demand is very justified. SNATTA is dedicated to take care the issue until the demand is met.


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20.01.2017 A Sad News Rattan.jpg

Another heartmelting news came as Shri. Vikas Rattan,working as JE/Jasur,Dharamsala SSA,Himachal Telecom Circle, met with a tragic road accident  near Jaswali Village in Punjab on dated 16-1-2017 and the most unfortunate death came for him.He was from 2009 batch and qualified the JTO LICE 2014-15.

We have no word for condolence to his beloved family and friends.Only we can pray that may God give enough strength to them to withstand this most tragic incident of their life.We moan that Shri. Vikas Rattan's Soul may rest in peace.

We request to whoever reading this that, your life is so precious and many are depending on you.We can not bring back the young souls we lost,but definitely we can save one only by becoming alert and cautious in our daily life.


17.01.2017 Punjab JTO LICE problem is going to sorted out soon as Corporate Office issued necessary order


The continious persuation of SNATTA team has paid off as Corporate Office have issued Order to Punjab Circle to follow DoPT Guidelines to calculate the vaccancies for JTO LICE from year 2007.Now we are expecting Punjab Circle will recalculate the vaccancies at the earliest.


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17.01.2017 A Sad News

SNATTA became saddened once again to know that one of our most energetic and young JE friend Mr. Joseph Paulraj,working in in Coonoor, NILGRIS SSA, TAMILNADU CIRCLE, met with a tragic boat accident near Bhavanisagar and the most unfortunate death came for him with his newly married wife and two others.The accident took place on 15.01.2016.

We have no word for condolence to his beloved family and friends.Only we can pray that may God give enough strength to them to withstand this most tragic incident of their life.


10.01.2017 GS writes to GM/Rectt. for declaration of Result of 3rd JTO LICE


Today,GS wrote a letter to GM/Rectt & Training regarding declaration of result of JTO LICE for the vaccancy year 2015-16.Also our Dy.GS met with management and protested further delay in result in the name of E verification.He persued hard to declare the result at the earliest and without further delay.Also it is requested to Circle SNATTA leadership to ensure the E verification must be completed.


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10.01.2017 A request


Since the grief accident on 16.12.2016 took the precious life of Sh. Muthu Ramalingam ,a JE of Tamilnadu Circle and was undergoing JTO Training at RGMTTC,SNATTA is hereby initiating a small campaign to help his bereaved family.We request every member of SNATTA and whoever reading this message,to contribute towards the family of Late Sh. Muthu Ramalingam.The details are given below:


Name: Mrs. M Vijaya

Bank: SBI (Rajapalayam Branch)

A/C Number: 20177582850

CIF NO: 86730192271

MICR : 626002053

IFSC : SBIN0000906

07.01.2017 Good News on Punjab JTO LICE matter


Yesterday,Corporate Office received clarification asked by Punjab Circle for the recalculation of vacancies.Today,a delegation of SNATTA under leadership of Sh. Sunil Gautam, met with Estt. section.A serious discussion took place on the issue ,with Estt. section and that they are partially convinced to our view, however GM (Estt) is on leave till Tuesday. Now we feel that this issue is very close to get resolve. Hope for the best. The delegation has Sh. Raman Kullar (Panjab), Sh. Abhiskek, Sh. Vineet, Sh. Deepak from NTR accompanied with our Dy GS.

07.01.2017 Congratulations to BSNLEU and its respected elected CHQ Ofiice Bearers


SNATTA CHQ heartily congratulates the entire team of elected CHQ Office Bearers of BSNLEU in the 8th All India Conference,took place in Chennai from 31.12.2016 to 03.01.2017. We are hopeful that the leadership will show the entire BSNL commununity the right direction to march ahead.Once again special congratulations to Sh. Balbir Singh Ji, President/BSNLEU,Sh. P Abhimanyu Ji GS/BSNLEU,Sh. Swapan Chakraborty Ji Dy GS/BSNLEU and all respected elected members of BSNLEU CHQ team and wish them all the success in the time coming ahead.


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04.01.2017 JAO LICE Review regarding


Yesterday,SNATTA met with management to discuss about the outcome of the submitted Review Report of JAO LICE.There we came to know that the Review Committee have asked two points to clarify management i.e whether the review will be made to all candidates or only failed candidates will be considered for review.Management have returned the file to the committee noting that the Review Committee itself should decide the point.SNATTA strongly demanded again that the review must be done only on failed candidates and no further disturbance will be acceptable for already passed candidates.We are expecting final outcome at the earliest.

04.01.2017 It is a proud moment that SNATTA UP(East) have collected an amount of Rs 35,500 as a token of respect & responsibility and gave it to the parents of Late Shri Ravindra Kosta,JE/Jhasi SSA who took his last breath on 21st October 2016. CHQ highly appreciates the efforts of SNATTA UP(East) Team and we are grateful to all the contributors towards the fund.

03.01.2017 SNATTA met with management today to persue the publication of result of 3rd JTO LICE.It has been assured that result will come out in due time after E-Verification completes in all circles.SNATTA requests circle leaderships to put pressure on circle BSNL HQ and ensure the E-Verification completes as soon as possible.

30.12.2016 3rd JTO LICE result regarding


The process for publication of result of 3rd JTO LICE is in right course. As per corporate office,the E-Verification process must me completed within 31st December 2016 by all circles.SNATTA is fully aware of the situation and further persuation will be initiated after the E-Verification deadline i.e 31.12.2016.We have already drafted a letter to put requesting management for fast processing of the result.

30.12.2016 JAO LICE review committee submitted report


SNATTA As per news,the Review Committee for JAO LICE have completed its review and have submtted its report to management. After approval of management the final outcome will be published. We are also aware on the developments and expecting the reviewed result to be published very soon.

29.12.2016 Punjab Circle JTO LICE matter


SNATTA CHQ is doing its all to resolve the Punjab Circle Vaccancy calculation.We are approaching to all possible levels to make out a solution.We are also requesting all our beloved and responsible Unions and Associations to come forward and pay attention to this crucial issue immidiately as the career progress of our Punjab brothers and sisters has came to a halt. SNATTA will not seat idle until the issue gets solved.

22.12.2016 A message to all circle regarding meeting of SNATTA CTD Meeting.jpg

A meeting has been organised by the SNATTA CTD leadership with the rest people other than JTO LICE aspirants to choose the next generation of SNATTA leadership.Our GS Shri Anup Mukherjee was presided the meeting and shared his thoughts about the future of SNATTA and the need of our unity for future progress.An adhoc committee has been formed to look after the formation of Circle Body.Also one adhoc committee will formed in all the district for formation of District Bodyn within one month.After the formation anf finalization of District body and Circle Body,the body will be announced in Annual General Body meeting. SNATTA is highly recommending this process for all other circles and it will be better to start the process by the other circles also.



18.12.2016 Reagrding Punjab Circle JTO LICE matter


There is a complex situation for vaccancy calculation for JTO LICE in Punjab Circle and legal procedures are going on in this matter.For this reason,the After Process of LICE i.e training and posting is also halted.We talked with the leadership of BSNLEU in Punjab Circle and special thanks to Shri Balbir Ji,President/BSNLEU/Punjab Circle that he assured to help us so that proper vaccancy calculation could took place.This will definitely lead to resolve the complex situations and other legal hurdles.We request to SNATTA leaderships of Punjab Circle to make suitable co-ordination with BSNLEU leadership specially with Shri Balbir Ji.We are extremely hopeful that alongwith BSNLEU with our side we can definitely resolve the complexity and bring happynes to all the desrving JEs of Punjab for their further promotions to JTO.

17.12.2016 Sad News

With profound grief, It is hereby intimated to all that our friend Sh. Muthu Ramalingam,JTO Trainee of RGMTTC,Virudhunagar SSA,Tamilnadu Circle, is no more. He met with a tragic road accident and took his last breath on 16-12-2016 This news has made all of us SNATTAians saddened to the core.

RIP Shri Muthu Ramalingam


16.12.2016 The nationwode Strike Programme on 15.12.2016 have been concluded succesfully against the Goverment's decision to form Subsidiary Tower Company. SNATTA congratulates all BSNL Executive and Non-executive Unions and Associations to conduct the Strike. SNATTA promises to intensify the struggle if Govt. does not drop the idea of disintegrate BSNL to form Subsidiary Tower Compnay.


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14.12.2016 Prepare for One day Strike on 15.12.2016 against formation of subsidiary Tower Company


Full prepararions are requested to each and every members of SNATTA as well as to all BSNL executives and Non Executives to go for One day Strike on 15.12.2016 against the decision of disintegration of BSNL by forming of Subsidiary Tower Company.Please come forward and save your mother organisation BSNL.


In this connection,on 14.12.2016 ,rallies and protest march to be conducted in all Cirlce and SSA levels throughout the country.We request SNATTA leaders of all circles and SSA levels to effectively conduct the Protest Rallies in co-ordination with other Unions and Associations.


11.12.2016 Today, the third JTO LICE exam has been conducted successfully and with this conduction,SNATTA fulfilled its promise to conduct all three JTO LICE and touched the history. A lot of thanks to SNATTA leadership all over India to take care all the JTO aspirants.Our sincere thanks to the Unions and Associations for their kind favor to make the legacy.We give our heartiest thanks to all our beloved JE friends for helping us with patience and support to walk the complex and determined path to fulfill our destinies to make the unique history. We will continue our journey with your beloved supports and blessings


SNATTA Zindabad.


08.12.2016 Hall Ticket is available for the 3rd JTO LICE dated 11.12.2016.SNATTA congratulates all the candidates and wishes best of luck for the exam.SNATTA feels proud of BSNL management as well as all the supporting minds to successfully conduct three consequtive JTO LICE in a row and making history.


SNATTA Zindabad.


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07.12.2016 A Sad News


SNATTA is extremely saddened to know that smt. Leelawati Devi, wife of com. Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, passed away today morning in a Patna hospital. We share the grief of com. Chandeswar Singh and his family members, and offer our heartfelt condolences to all of them.


05.12.2016 CHQ is trying hard to persue management to issue hall ticket for LICE (11.12.2016) as soon as possible.However it is once again assured that exam will be on date and we are expecting that Hall Tickets will be issued in a day or two.


05.12.2016 Corporate Office have issued order today to remove the discrepencies of Result of JTO LICE held on 24.09.2016 and published on 02.11.2016. CHQ congratulates all the new added JEs to the list of successful and also rest of JEs for their concerned data correction.


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02.12.2016 CHQ is in continious persuation with management to issue Hall Tickets for 3rd LICE as soon as possible.It is learnt that the E Verification should be done at the earliest from all circles.Management has has assured that the exam will take place as per scheduled date i.e 11.12.2016.


01.12.2016 Important for 3rd JTO LICE


The E Verification must be done from all circles to issue admit card for 3rd JTO LICE.The format for E Verification data to be verified by Circle/SSA staff section is attached below.All Circle/SSA SNATTA office bearers are requested to persue their concerned staff section to complete the E Verification process fast.The E Verified data must be sent to Corporate Office within 03.12.2016.


N.B:As for verification from SSA there are lot of confusion about E verification as somewhere in the ERP module,it is not active presently.In those case,candidate may ask their SSA Admin to verify the data as it was sent in previous LICE manually or by mail to circle Admin as early as possible and ask to contact Circle Admin.

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24.11.2016 Notice for dharna and strike, by unions and associations of BSNL, against formation of the Subsidiary Tower Company issued


14 Unions and Associations of BSNL is going for a day long Dharna on 25.11.2016 and further Strike on 15.12.2016 against formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.SNATTA is also an integral part of this movement.Therefore we call all JEs to participate in this movement unanimously tomorrow.

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23.11.2016 SNATTA Punjab is going for a Lunch Hour Demonstration on 25.11.2016 against the callous attitude of BSNL Punjab Circle management and excessive delay in recalculation of vacancies  for JTO LICE 2013-14, 2014-15 & 2015-16 based on DoPT Guidelines.If the issue is not resolved within a week,all the JEs of Punjab Circle should get ready for further agitation  and fight for your right,  SNATTA CHQ is fully supporting Punjab Circle with whole sole and activities. We are requesting to all the Unions and Associations to support the legitimate problems of Punjab JEs to give a fair chance for building their career.

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22.11.2016 In many Circles, the result of 2nd JTO LICE has not been endorsed and final data has not been sent to Corporate Office yet. Since it is very urgent regarding arrangement of training schedule, all SNATTA circle office bearers are requested to act fast and responsibly to make sure all candidate data must be sent to BSNL HQR within 1-2 days.Please contact Dy GS Sri Sunil Gautam in case of any co-ordination.


22.11.2016 Result of External JE Exam held between 25.09.16 to 29.09.16 , has been published. SNATTA is welcoming all these fresh blood to BSNL as well as to our DR JE cult. SNATTA circle office bearers are requested to make a contact database of these young JEs and send them a welcome message.

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19.11.2016 The SNATTA Tamilnadu Circle co-ordination meeting held on 18-11-2016 , 6 PM at Auditorium RGMTTC Chennai.
        Asst. Circle secretary Sri. S.C.Rajeswaran presided over the meeting.Several district secretaries and Circle office bearers attended the meeting. Around 72 delegates attended the meeting.All the members and office bearers unanimously congratulates SNATTA CHQ for their persistent effort on conducting 3 JTO LICEs successfully.Sri.S.Prabhakaran Vice president,Thanjavur SSA narrated the agenda of meeting. SNATTA CHQ Vice President Sri.A.Nithya Jerald also narrated many valuable points.

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19.11.2016 An order was issued by management to halt the promotion order to the JAOs who have just completed their training on 18.11.2016 due to non completion of JAO 40% exam review.SNATTA strongly protested this process of halting and yesterday alongwith BSNLEU leadership,we met with concerned BSNL management.We strongly demanded to withdraw this order as the Review Committee will review the matter only for failed candidates.There is no necessity of review for already passed candidates.Lastly conclusion has come that all circles will issue Promotion Orders to succesfully trained JAOs provisionally.Therefore the hard situations regarding posting of JAOs have been removed and necessary Order has already been issued in this regard.Once again congratulations to all JAOs for successfull completion of your training and your better future.It is also adviced not to worry about the "Undertaking" declaration to be submitted during your posting.Thank You.


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17.11.2016 CHQ wishes all the best to all the newly trained group of fresh JAOs coming out from Training Centers all over India.We expect nothing but best performance from you all wherever you are working.We wish your healthy and steady progress in your career.Stay United.Be successful.


17.11.2016 As per news regarding JAO 40% review,the Chairman of the Review Committee has been changed and Hon'ble GM(Finace & Planning) is new Chairman. We are eagerly waiting for some positive news from this newly formed committee soon.


09.11.2016 A meeting was held on yesterday with GM(Rectt). Discussion was held on the following point:-


1. JTO(E) Training :- We show our exasperation about the JTO(E) training. We remind madam GM(Rectt & Training) that her office gave assurance to start training from 7th Nov but concerned training department not followed her instruction and finally trainingis getting delayed. She took deep note on that and once again gave assurance to take necessary action.


2. Review of JAO 40% :- After discussion with madam we came to know that they have taken a decision to handover the review matter to GM(PF) as they are facing hardship to review the finance related question paper. We are expecting final outcome soon.


3. Review of JTO(T) 50% :- As per information given by GM( Rectt), recruitment cell is over burdened and in tremendous pressure to declare the JE external result. On the basis of above reason we are not expecting final outcome before 11 Dec. So our sincere advice to those candidates not score well to clear cutoff, please put your maximum to clear in 3rd exam.Meanwhile from here we will try hard to review 2nd exam result upto maximum extend.



07.11.2016 A Sad News


On 21st October 2016, we lost one of our beloved friend Shri Ravindra Kostha.He was suffering from Lever Problem.He was working as JE-BSNL at Jhansi SSA,UP(East) Circle.He belonged to 2008 batch.


This news has made all of us SNATTAians saddened to the core.In this intense time, it is our absolute duty to stand beside his family. We pray to GOD that may Shri Ravindra Kostha's soul Rest in Peace.


05.11.2016 GS wrote letter to DIR(HR) and GM(Estt.) regarding seeking relaxation of BSNL Employees for Competitive examination for the purpose of External JTO (T) Recruitment.


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05.11.2016 In a continious schedule yesterday,our GS and Dy. GS made a rows of meeting with all layers of concerned BSNL management like GM(Estt.),GM(Rectt.),DGM(Estt.)and DGM(Rectt.).All meetings have been reported positively.The following burning issues are discussed mainly.


1. The SNATTA team urged for early declaration of JAO 40% review result.GM(Rectt.) assured since Committe has been formed working on the issue,the review report is expected soon.She also mentioned that the Committee will also consider the reprentation given by SNATTA regarding 40% JAO LICE.


2. Meeting had been conducted with GM (Estt.) regarding Punjab JTO(50%) and Haryana JTO(40%) case.GM(Estt.) told that the problem for starting the training is due to court cases on reservation.From total conversation it has been realised that both circles must withdraw court cases for maximum benefit to maximum cadre.Otherwise this matter may take long time to proceed.It is our request that concerned people of Court cases in both the circle,should talk with CHQ to understand the real situation.We are also fearing this these case may hamper 3rd JTO LICE process also in both the circles.


3. Next discussion was regarding review fo 2nd JTO LICE question papers.Gm(Rectt.)told that as per standard procedure (SOP) ,process of first result must complete within 15.11.2016.Only after that,review for additional grace marks may be considered.


4. The Team further requested not deffer th date of 3rd JTO LICE on 11.12.2016 at any condition.GM(Rectt.) assured on that.


5. The discussion regarding Rule 8 transfer of hard circles like Assam, NE I, NE II also has been discussed with GM(Estt.).It is assured that suitable measures will take place shortly.



03.11.2016 Once again congratulations to all successful JEs for making their way to JTO fraternity.But in this joyus moment SNATTA is fully aware of its duty and commited to conduct the 3rd JTO LICE in time.


This message is specially dedicated for those candidates who have appeared in 2nd JTO LICE but unfortunately they did not make it . SNATTA is giving great importance to persue the "Group A" review.It has been assured that review will be conducted soon.


There are another group of JTO aspirants whose name is not there in merit list for some specific reasons.


1. Some candidates are invloved in court cases.Their result is kept aside.


2. Other group of candidates have incomplete/insufficient data supplied by circle office or during form fill up for which they are treated illegible.For those candidates it is requested to move immidiately to their respective Circle Admin for immidiate action and also send their details like NAME, HRMS NO. and COPY OF ADMIT CARD to email: and a copy to for further necessary action.SNATTA is assuring the result of REAL Eligible candidates within fifteen of this month.


Stay United.Keep respect to all.You all will be JTO soon.Meantime,do not forget to register for the 3rd JTO LICE.


03.11.2016 Congratulations to all successful JEs and Thanks to One and All


The good day had came yesterday as the long waited result of JTO LICE (held on 24.09.2016) published.We salute the untiring efforts of both BSNL Management and all the Unions/Associations involved to make the day.We are heartily thankful to O/o DIR(HR),GM(Rectt.) and Joint GM(Rectt.).We are specially grateful to AGM(Rectt. I) and his team DM I and DM II for their dedication towards publishing the result.It was not possible without your sincere devotion towards your duty.We also expect such positive co-operation afterwards specially for the next LICE process.


Again, We salute to Shri P.Abhimanyu Ji (GS/BSNLEU) and Shri Swapan Chakraborty Ji(DyGS/BSNLEU) for their whole hearted devotion towards making the day.We are thankful to all other Unions/Associations for their enormous support we recevied during the whole LICE process.


SNATTA Jindabad. JE Fraternity Jindabad. BSNL Jindabad



02.11.2016 Result of 2nd JTO LICE


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01.11.2016 Today's vital outcome


Today SNATTA Dy. GS Sunil Gautam alongwith Sri P Abhimanyu,GS/BSNLEU and Sri Swapan Chakraborty,Dy.GS/BSNLEU met with DIR(HR) and GM(Rectt.) to express their serious concern about the unjustified delay happening to publish the 2nd JTO LICE result.In the said meeting other important burning issues were also been discussed.We are thankful to BSNLEU for the support in this crucial time.Following points have come up in the meeting.


1. The utmost topic was inordinate delay in publication of 2nd JTO LICE Result.After a logical hard discussion,all the reasons behind the delay has been eradicated.GM(Rectt.) cleared that "Standard Procedure" will be followed.She further assured Gr. A further review will be considered after publication of result.Finally it is cleared that Result is coming very soon.


2. DIR (HR) informed that JAO 40% exam Review Committe has already been formed and the Committe have already made their 1st round discussion.It has been assured that all problems will be solved.


3. DIR (HR) further informed that problem of JTO(50%) in Punjab Circle and JAO(40%) in Haryana Circle will get full concentration and it will be solved soon.


4. It has been learnt that JTO(Electrical) training will start from 07.11.2016.Necessary Order will be issued very soon.


5. The representatives explained that a good number of DR JEs, who have already applied for Rule 8 transfer, and waiting for a long time, have to get their transfer, so that they can appear the JTO LICE to be held on 11.12.2016, in their new circles. Otherwise, their transfers will get delayed for a few more years. The Director (HR) appreciated the concern of the union representatives and assured to do the needful, after taking the necessary inputs.

31.10.2016 GM(Rectt.) have stated today that Declaration of Result of 2nd JTO LICE is getting delayed due to non availability of vaccancy position in recruiting circles.SNATTA is strongly protesting this kind of irresponsible statement at this high time of publishing the result because as per rule vaccancies must be decraled at the time of notification.SNATTA is dedicated to publish the result at the earliest.


Be prepared for movement.


31.10.2016 The date of Online Registration Process for the JTO LICE for the vaccancy year 2015-16 has been extended from 31.10.2016 to 07.11.2016.Also candidates can edit their submitted application between 08.11.2016 to 10.11.2016 midnight.


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29.10.2016 All JEs are requested to immidiately apply the C/L for 02.11.2016 (One Day) through ERP.Please consider this very important.



28.10.2016 Regarding 2nd JTO LICE Result


The proces of publishing the result is nearly completed but it is slightly delaying due to non availability of staff at corporate office because of festive season.Although,the result expected very soon.


28.10.2016 Today GS have submitted a letter to GM/Rectt regarding extension of date of registration of 3rd JTO LICE for atleast 10 more days so that no candidate can be deprived his /her chance.After discussion it has been learnt that Recruitment cell is agreed uopn the proposal and suitable extension will be provided.


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28.10.2016 Go for One Day Casual Leave on 02.11.2016


We,the direct recruitees of BSNL has been deprived of 30% Superannuation Benefit till date.A better future is every employees right.Now the time has come to achive our right.The SAB platform has called upon a nationwide "One Day mass C/L on 2nd Nov'2016" to protest the non-implementation of 30% Superannuation Benefit.It is our duty to respond the call uninanimously.All JEs rather all Direct Recruitess of BSNL are requested to be united on this issue and positively go for the One day C/L on 02.11.2016.

23.10.2016 Message from GS reagrding 30% Super Annuation Benefit


The time has come to fight for our right. To propel our present to a better future we have to be united and work together for the common goal of 30% Super Annuation Benefit. SNATTA invite all the dicrectly recruited comrades, in whatever position or association/union they may belong to, to work uninanimously on a common platform, known as SAB, so that no stone will remain unturned in our path  of struggle to secure our future by assuring 30% superannuation benefit. Friends, we have  to "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached".

18.10.2016 BSNLEU kept its word nominating two of our most eminent leaders Shri Anup Mukherjee and Shri Sunil Gautam for staff side member of National Council.This will be of great importance for JEs and direct recruitees in upcoming days.SNATTA is thankful to BSNLEU for the dedication towards the promise and its honesty.


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18.10.2016 The last date for submission of quiries/representaions for JTO LICE dated 24.09.2016 is 21.10.16(FRIDAY).So if any JEs planning for submitting their representation are requested to make it in time.

07.10.2016 Corporate office have issued the result of remaining 24 candidates of AP Circle of JTO LICE held on 22.05.2016.SNATTA congratulates all the qualified candidates best wishes in their life.


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05.10.2016 CHQ Yesterday,Shri Swapan Chakraborty DyGS/BSNLEU and Shri Sunil Gautam met with GM/Rectt. and made discussion on JTO and JAO LICE.The pointwise discussion have been mentioned below.We are very much thankful to BSNLEU for their superior support in this regard.


1.The team requested for immidiate start of trainning of qualified JAOs in all circle.We are happy that necessary order have veen initiated for the start of JAO trainning.


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2. The team gave a detailed representation of discrepencies of JAO LICE.GM/Rectt. agreed to set up an expert committee to sort out the discrepencies. Click here for JAO LICE Representation


3. Next we discussed to publish the result of JTO LICE held on 24.09.2016.It has been assured that the result is coming very soon.


4. Also we pointed out about the discrepencies JTO LICE of 24.09.16 and the representation we had submitted earlier.It is also agreed that an expert committe is forming to resolve all the question related issues.

04.10.2016 Yesterday CHQ team submitted the representation of discrepencies of the JTO LDCE held on 24.09.2016 to management.It has been assured that these discrepencies will be looked after favourably for the candidates.


Click here for Representation

30.09.2016 CHQ is persuing management to immidiately look into the matter of Rule 8 transfer cases of Assam,NE-I and NE-II circles.In this regard, management have given a very positive response and we are hoping these cases will be solved very soon.

30.09.2016 CHQ is continiously persuing BSNL management to urgently look into the matter of circle wise training of passed out JAOs.CHQ is also doing its best to remove all anomalies in question paper of JAO LICE took place on 17.07.2016 and grace marks for those questions.Soon we are going to give a strong representation with a detailed report to management.

30.09.2016 DoT has agreed on the proposal of extending Superannuation Pension Scheme to direct recruited employees of BSNL wheras BSNL as an employer would be contributing 3% of Basic+DA per month.



Click here for DoT Order

28.09.2016 CHQ is going to give a strong representation on the anomalies of JTO LICE question paper conducted on 24.09.16 to all layers of BSNL management and union/association.Here we are requesting all JEs appeared in the exam can send their valuable comments on the anomalies/ambiguity of questions both Gr. A and Gr. B to SNATTA CHQ and help us to make a strong representation.We will submit the representation on 30.09.16 as before that recruitment cell is busy with external JE exam from 25.09.16 to 29.09.16.


20.09.2016 Hunger Strike on 20.09.2016 Strike_200916_1.jpg
Today's Hunger Strike programme have started succesfully nationwide.Along with all FORUM Unions and Associations,SNATTA have fully participated in the movement.In corporate office,all Leaders of FORUM have started the Hunger Strike.our Dy. GS Shree Sunil Gautam along with his companion JEs have participated in the meet.



19.09.2016 Join Hunger Strike on 20.09.2016 in full vigor


UNITED FORUM will organise massive hunger strike programme tommorrow on immidiate settlement and redressal of 24 point Charter of Demands.The charter of demands include, payment of PLI, immediate commencement of negotiations for wage revision, settlement of anomalies, settlement of problems in the implementation of NEPP etc.SNATTA is also bound in making the Hunger Strike a success.Therfore all SNATTAians are requested to organise and attend the Hunger Strike Programme positively tommorrow.


10.09.2016 Hall Ticket distribution for the LICE dated 24.09.2016 has been started.Eligible candidates are requested to download their hall tickets.


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09.09.2016 Corporate Office have issued Order to issue Notification for 3rd JTO LICE for the vaccancy year 2015-16 along with exam center and Model Notification to be issued by all circles within 15-09-2016. The LICE will take place on 11-12-2016.


Click here for CO Order


Click here for Model Notification


Click here for Exam Center

07.09.2016 Join Dharna Programme on 08.09.2016 (Thursday)


As per FORUM's call,nationwide Dharna Programme will be conducted on 08.09.2016.This is the second phase of agitational programme framed by FORUM to meet the Charter of Demands.Therfore all SNATTAians are requested to organise and attend the Dharna Programme positively tommorrow.


Click here for FORUM Letter

06.09.2016 GS writes to DIR HR for "Immediate publishing of notification for JTO LICE vacancy year 2015-16 scheduled to be held on 27.11.2016"


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06.09.2016 All Circle and SSA office bearers of SNATTA are requested to re assure that all candidate verification data for 2nd LICE for their respetive Cirle/SSA,have been sent to BSNL HQR positively.

01.09.2016 SNATTA has full support in tommorrow's nation wide strike till further develpoments of situation.Therefore all layers of SNATTA are requested to support the strike movement in their respective workplaces.

26.08.2016 It is very unfortunate to learn that CO have decided that proposed LICE Exams on 28.08.2016 and has been rescheduled the exams on 24.09.2016 due to administrative reson.


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18.08.2016 Review of online LICE Application will be closed on 20.08.2016 midnight.So all applicants are requested to go through the application once again.

17.08.2016 As per schedule of the FORUM movement,today is the day to Wear Demand Badge with Red Ribbon.All JEs are requested to participate in todays movement to make it a success from every layer of Non-Executive fraternity.

13.08.2016 SNATTA is fully supporting the movement of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations reagrding various long pending issues of Non-Executives of BSNL which were not solved by management.All JEs of all circles and SSAs are hereby requested to participate whole heartedly to the agitational programmes framed by Forum.


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13.08.2016 SNATTA is in continious touch with management and persuing hardly to stick to to 2nd LICE exam date to be 28.08.2016 and not deferred further.In this regard we are thankful to BSNLEU for their support of our demand of conducting the LICE as per schedule.Also BSNLEU served a letter to management on the matter.


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09.08.2016 It is a request to SNATTA Office bearers of those circles whose second JTO LICE notification have not published yet that since the result of JTO LICE held on 22.05.2016 have been publshed,now you all persue immidiately to respective BSNL Circle headquarter to issue the second JTO LICE Notification.CHQ will also persue from hqr for immidiate 2nd LICE Notification in those circle.

09.08.2016 Result of JTO LICE (held on 22.05.2016) and JAO LICE (held on 17.07.2016) has published


Click here for JTO LICE Cover Letter

Click here for JTO LICE Circlewise List

Click here for JAO LICE Cover Letter

Click here for JAO LICE Circlewise List

CHQ congratulates all the successful candidates all the very best for their future carrer prospects.

03.08.2016 Online Registration cum Form Fill Up date for upcoming LICE on 28.08.2016,has been extended upto 10.08.2016.

01.08.2016 It has come to knowledge that BSNL management have taken the decision that they will strictly follow the RR 2014 for the LICEs.And therfore the results for only the regular candidates for the LICE conducted on 22.05.16 are coming out.Management is not considering any provisional candidates for results i.e those who have sent for their training before 1st July 2008, only their results will be given and will be sent for the training shortly for the first exam conducted on 22nd may 2016. They have also taken the decision that they will only follow the RR for the next all examinations, going to be conducted afterwards.

The date of registration for 2nd LICE will be extended for a period of time and all the above notifications and declarations will be notified at earliest.

01.08.2016 Sad News AP.jpg

On 30th July 2016, we lost one of our beloved friend Shri Nallagondla Ashok.He was 34 years old, working as JE-BSNL at Sathish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota/SHAR.He was killed in a tragic road accident on Sriharikota-Sullurpeta highway. The accident happened while Ashok was driving on his bike on the highway and suddenly, an uncontrolled car hit him at Kudiri which left him dead on the spot itself. He was from 2007 Recruitment batch of A.P.Telecom Circle, Nellore SSA, he got married and a father of two children. This news has made all of us SNATTAians saddened to the core.

For financial help to his Family, please contact our local District Members of our association friends at Nellore SSA: Rajendra, DS, SNATTA, Nellore SSA: 9491304388, or Pasam Mallikarjuna, member, Ex-DS of Tirupati SSA, current member of Nellore SSA: 9491774774, or plz contact M.Sampath Kumar, CS, SNATTA, A.P.Telecom Circle

RIP Shri Nallagondla Ashok


27.07.2016 GS writes followup letter to GM Recruitment requesting him to include all TTAs having 2008 recruitment year, in the process of next JTO LICE


Click here for Letter

25.07.2016 Shri Rajender Singh Tushir,GS/Bharatiya BSNL Officers Association submitted a letter to CMD/BSNL for declaration of Results for JTO LICE conducted on 22.05.2016 vide one time relaxation sought for the entire JEs of 2007 batch whose exam was conducted till 31.03.2008.We are thankful to BBOA for this very precise and neetly drafted letter.


Click here for Letter Part 1

Part 2

23.07.2016 Recruitmrnt section issued order mentioning that the previously declared result on 08.07.2016 has many discrepencies and therefore provisional in nature.It is further instructed not to take any action on that declared result till further order.SNATTA is demanding a fresh result for all the candidates appeared on that exam on 22.05.16 as soon as possible without making any further anomalies.


Click here for Letter

23.07.2016 Establishment section wrote letter to all heads of telecom circle asking for information regarding any court case filed w.r.t LICE conducted on 22.05.2016


Click here for Letter

20.07.2016 A Sad News

With profound grief, It is hereby intimated to all that Sh. Lakhvir Singh ,JE/Tanda Urmar SSA Hoshiarpur Circle,Punjab is no more. He took his last breath on 16-7-2016 at 11pm. He was a great fighter fighting with Cancer since 2012. He had survived by his wife and 12 year old son. He was a good worker of BSNL and very nice hearted person. During his service he served in Group, CSC and lastly as a retailer manager in Project Vijay. Due to his hardworking nature, he gave his best to the area for expansion of BSNL GSM services and enhanced CTOP up and GSM  SIM Sale as per his job profile. Due to his health problem he did not applied the JTO LICE 2012 although he was very intelligent. 

In this intense time, it is our absolute duty to stand beside his family .We are requesting all to kindly help his family for a better future of his son and his entire family.

The A/C number is given below:

Bank: Punjab National Bank
Branch: Nandachaur(Dist. Hoshiarpur)
IFSC Code:PUNB0343500
Name:Lakhvir Singh
A/C No: 3435000407202129

Click Here for Account Details
For confirmation of transfer of money, please  Whatsapp the transaction slip on +919463700737


19.07.2016 Due Yesterday,GS Anup Mukherjee met with GM (Estt) and requested her once again for her kind action as soon as possible to declare the result.She informed that file has already been initiated from her office and sent to GM(Legal) for MC approval.

19.07.2016 GS Anup Mukherjee attended the all India CEC Meeting of BSNLEU held on 18.07.2016 at New Delhi. He addressed the house regarding the continious support of BSNLEU to resolve the matters of TTAs and their heroic role to defend the non executives in BSNL.

16.07.2016 Due to political unrest and Law & Order issue, the proposed JAO LICE on 17.07.2016 is temporarily postponed in J&K circle till further notice.Exam will be carried out in rest of the Circles as scheduled.

16.07.2016 LICE Result for all is going to be declared soon



SNATTA delegation of GS Anup Mukherjee and Dy. GS Sunil Gautam alongwith Sri P Abhimanyu GS/BSNLEU and Sri S Chakraborty Dy GS/BSNLEU met with Ms. Sujata Ray Madam Dir(HR) to explain the anomalies going on regarding the LICE.Our GS explained the whole scenario and demanded declaration of results of all the cadidates who wrote the exam on 22.05.16 to avoid further anomalies.After a long discussion Dir(HR) was convinced and asked GM(Estt) to resolve the issue as early as possible by declaring results of all the candidates.We are expecting results for all early next week.


Stay United.SNATTA Jindabad,BSNL Jindabad

14.07.2016 On 14.07.2016,GS Anup Mukherjee,alongwith Dy. GS Sri Sunil Gautam,Sri Dutta Dubile Patil and Sri Anand Verma met all layers of management to sort out the LICE result issue.Lengthy discussion took place with Ms. Madhu Arora, GM (Estt.).After discussion, the GM (Estt.) told that Corporate Office will issue letters to all heads of telecom circle asking for clarification/explanation of the corresponding delay (if any)of the exam process during TTA Recruitment exam of 2007.After receving replies from circles,it will be scrutinized whether there is any logical explanation for the delay in exam process and if found positive,results of all candidates of that circle will be published.However,SNATTA demanded result should be published immiditaely irrespective of date of exam,date of training etc as because uniformity of taking exam has not been carried out throughout country.


Once again we are thankful to GS SNEA for writing to management to declare result of whole TTA recruitment year 2007 candidates without any delay.


Click here for Letter


12.07.2016 Registration for 2nd JTO LICE exam scheduled on 28.08.2016 started, now it is requested to all aspiring candidates to fill form with in day or two. Strategically this is very important, give wide publicity among all to do registration with in above mention time frame.SNATTA is determined to declare the results of all the candidates appeared in the LICE on 22.05.2016. It is hightime to stay united to achive our demand.

12.07.2016 BSNLEU and SNATTA demanded the Corporate Management to immediately declare the results of all the candidates provisionally allowed to appear in the JTO LICE, held on 22.05.2016.On 11.07.2016, Shri P. Abhimanyu, GS, and Shri. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS, together with Shri Sunil Gautam, Dy.GS, SNATTA, met and requested her to immediately declare the results of all the left out candidates, who were provisionally allowed to appear in the JTO LICE held on 22.05.2016. As of now, Management has declared only the results of the TTAs who have written their TTA Direct Recruitment Exam upto 31.12.2007. After discussion, the GM (Estt.) told that the cases of those who wrote the TTA Direct Recruitment Exam after 01.01.2008, but who were deputed for TTA training, after 30.06.2008, could be looked into, if such cases are forwarded to the Corporate Office by the concerned CGM’s Office.



09.07.2016 LICE Result Declared



Recruitment Cell have declared the result for those who have given exam on or before 31.12.2007.After getting few feedbacks from circles, it has come to know that this result have lots of discrepencies like some eligible candidates(Exam held on January and February 2008 but sent training before 1st July 2008) are not in the list,some candidates who have given examination before 31.12.2007 are also missing.HRMS not correct etc.

Now it is requested to all circle office bearers to immidiately prepare a draft regarding any discrepencies in the result and send it to email: and a copy to for further necessary action.Individuals can also take the initiative and do the same.

Note: This reult is not the final one.Respective Circles has to examine the result and prepare the merit as per vacancy.

Click here for Letter

Click here for Result Page1

Click here for Result Page2

06.07.2016 Id-Ul-Fitr holiday will be observed on 07.06.2016 instead of 06.07.2016

06.07.2016 On 05.07.2016,a representation of SNATTA and BSNLEU met different layers of Management at CO Office.The team led by Shri P Abhimanyu Ji and Shri Sunil Gautam Ji met with GM(Estt) and GM(Rectt) and demanded for publication of LICE result.Management assured they are doing right thing to publish the result as soon as possible.

01.07.2016 United Forum BSNL Unions have called for conducting a demonstration wearing black badge on 05.07.2016 in protest of the Non Executives over the neglect of their HR issues by the BSNL Board.SNATTA is full supporting the demonstartion and all circles are requested to prepare for the said demonstartion throughout the country.


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01.07.2016 IDA increase from the month of July'2016 will 2.4%.Therefore total IDA payble from 01.07.2016 will be 114.8%

30.06.2016 Yesterday, Dy. GS SNATTA and Dy. GS BSNLEU met with GM/Rectt & Training, requesting her to publish the result as early as possible.She responded positively.

28.06.2016 Regarding LICE



We all know that hurdles one after another are coming on way to declaration of LICE Results. It is very confusing why the Management is delaying the result.Approach of Recruitment Section and Establishment section is different. On 24.06.2016, GM/Rectt & Training had sent letter to CGM/AP Circle to defend the Court Case of Hon’ble Hyderabad CAT filed by Recruitment year 2002 Recruited people. Earlier, on 13.06.2016 SNATTA and BSNLEU jointly met with GM,Rectt. And demanded a strong note to CGM/AP Circle to defend the case and resolve the matter as soon as possible. We welcome the GM/Recruitment 's move to write to CGM/AP Circle and CGMs of other circle to defend the court case with suitable grounds but we saw an inordinate delay for the writing.

Again, as per Establishment section, the Hon’ble Jodhpur CAT stay order is restricting to publish the result. In this regard, we would like to mention the letter of GS/ BSNLEU to DIR (HR) where strong action is demanded to defend the case by Rajasthan Circle. Also yesterday GS/SNEA wrote letter to DIR (HR) explaining the order of Jodhpur CAT is not coming in the way of publishing the result. We appreciate the concerns from both the Union and Association to solve the issue. CHQ is well aware and doing its duty in all layers, be it in corporate office or in legal field. We believe with our active efforts, we will resolve all the hurdles very soon.

Click here for letter of GM/Rectt on 24.06.2016

Click here for letter of GS/BSNLEU to DIR (HR) on 24.06.2016

Click here for letter of GS/SNEA to DIR (HR) on 27.06.2016

20.06.2016 All SNATTA Circle Office bearers are requested to keep a close watch on second LICE process in their respective circles.It is an earnest request to one and all not to move court again making further hurdles.It is requested to contact CHQ if any person/persons have any statement or grievance reagrding LICE before moving to court.CHQ will heartily try to make a solution.Also CHQ is committed to publish the result of first exam as soon as possible.

15.06.2016 Hyderabad CAT order regarding JTO LICE result, filed by 2002 batch petitioners due to which declaration of result kept under abeyance. It is learnt that result is ready to declare.SNATTA is doing its best for quick solution of the matter.


Click Here for Covering Letter

Click Here for Legal Note

Click Here for Interim Court Order

08.06.2016 The Circle Conference of SNATTA UP(East) will be conducted on 10th June 2016 at RTTC Lucknow.All members of UP(E) are requested to attend this important meeting.

07.06.2016 Result is in final stage.Due to some technical dufficulties,the publication of result is delaying.But do not worry,it will come out soon.We are in constant touch with management. Keep patience.

07.06.2016 On 06.06.2016 (Monday),Chennai Telephone Distrcit have conducted a circle conference.We congratulate the entire team of SNATTA CHennai TD for conducting such inspiring events in this hightime.Soon the Official body of SNATTA Chennai TD will be published.Thank You.

04.06.2016 The 2nd Notification for JTO LICE for the vaccancy year 2014-15 has been issued by Corporate Office.


Click Here

04.06.2016 JTO LICE in Bihar CIrcle will be conducted on 16.07.2016


Click Here

02.06.2016 Congratulations!!!Bihar LICE Exam and First LICE Exam result is coming very soon



Today, Shri P Abhimanyu GS BSNLEU met with Director HR to discuss the LICE matter. Also GM (Rectt.) was present in the meeting. In the meeting, Abhimanyu Ji strongly demanded to finalize the date to conduct the held up Bihar LICE as soon as possible and also demanded to publish the result of LICE took place on 22.05.2016.Iis very satisfying to know that Director HR responded very well on both the issue and asked the GMs to do the needful at the earliest. After a long discussion, it has been decided that Bihar LICE is going to be held on 17th July 2016. Also GM (Rectt.) assured to publish the result within 2-3 days.

We want to congratulate Shri P Abhimanyu Ji, and the leadership of BSNLEU and off course we want to thank BSNL Management for their prompt action and giving us the innermost motivation.



01.06.2016 SNATTA and BSNLEU met with different layers of BSNL management to resolve the LICE matter.Though the petition filed at Patna CAT has been withdrawn,but the additional verdict of justification of conflicting Recruitment Rules regarding exam procedure of the last LICE is stopping management to publish the result as well as next LICE notification.SNATTA CHQ is trying hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

25.05.2016 Today CHQ have written a letter to GM(Rect.) regarding "Requesting to include all TTAs having 2008 requirement year, in the process of next JTO LICE ".


Stay United


Click Here for Letter

23.05.2016 Congratulations to all the participants of of LICE's which just took place on 22.05.2016.We are thankful to each and everybody of SNATTA for the belive they are keeping on CHQ.We are thankful to all those great leaders of SNATTA for their commitment towards conducting the exam.We are very very thankful towards BSNLEU who have continiously moved with us to cross every barrier and finally made the LICE happen.


As we have told,we are committed to conduct all the LICEs for all our brothers and sisters.The first one has gone,two more to come.As we know that the LICE was put on hold in BIHAR Circle,We are more committed to conduct the held examination as soon as possible and request once again to all not to go to court.We are very much shocked enough to learn that our long aspiring JTO LICE exam is happeing on earth and some people(we don't know their kind) is doing court case to create further litigations and hurdles!These activities not only destroying the hope SNATTA is trying to materialse but also putting thousands of TTAs carrer in jeopardy.Instead of giving representation to court,if they gave their representaion to SNATTA, then CHQ can try solve the hurdles.


Well,lets work on the remaining two examinations and specially the halted exam of BIHAR Cirlce.

20.05.2016 Today a court case has been heard at Bihar CAT in connection with JTO LICE. No outcome had been received yet.So all are requested not to be panicked and do not spread the rumour that the exam has been halted.


20.05.2016 Dy GS Shri Sunil Gautam alongwh Shri P. Abhimanyu GS/BSNLEU and Shri Swapan Chakrabory Dy GS/BSNLEU met with various levels of BSNL Management for upcoming JTO LICE.They met with GM(Estt) regarding the court case filed at Ernakulam CAt in connection with upcoming LICE and urged her to give suitable guidelines to Kerala circle administration so that the case can be defended by BSNL consel.Also they met with GM(Rect) to discuss issues like removal of negative marking in upcoming LICE,level of question papaer should be easy etc.Also they urged to issue a revised guideline to circles for the review of the results of JTO LICE 2013, by granting additional marks to questions with more than one correct answer. The representatives also insisted to issue the letter to the CGMs expeditiously, in view of the forthcoming JTO LICE to be held on 22.05.2016.Both the GMs have responded positively and assured their full commitment.



12.05.2016 Designation Change Order Issued


The order for the change of our designation have come.Now onwards we are JUNIOR ENGINEER (JE) As we told it will come at middle of the month of may, we got it well before that.  Friends this great achivement happened only because of SNATTA,only because of our unity.We are cordially thankful to BSNLEU for their enourmous support and hardwork.


Well...Keep fighting, Keep supporting, and all our dreams will come true..  SNATTA JINDABAD.BSNLEU JINDABAD



Click Here for Order

11.05.2016 A Message from GS





Thanks all of SNATTA members to show their great unity in all and every layer, all over India. You have shown your devotion and dedication to our beloved association and my highest gratitude towards your unity, My salutes to all the CHQ,CIRCLE, SSA level leadership for their active participation and hard work to create a great unity,  A great success is coming for you and you only.


SNATTA will be directed for you not for any other purpose, it's a promise from our CHQ, All the decision have been taken here only for the benefit of future and for increasing  the strength of our beloved association SNATTA.


SNATTACHQ is here heartily inviting all our friends who have some confusion about our activities, Friends put down your angry and confusion aside and come again devotedly for increasing it's great  unity, Forget about everything and  remember SNATTA is the only destination to give us a BETTER TOMORROW and that can only be achieved with your great  unity, 



10.05.2016 SNATTA recently approached to Management to consider abolishing the exam procedure for promotion to JTO.CHQ have presented this proposal with very logical ground.We are happy to learn that management have taken this proposal seriously and assured for further consideration.


09.05.2016 GS writes to GM/Rect. regarding "NEGATIVE MARKING IN JTO LICE" Exam. Also GS/BSNLEU wrote to GM/Rect. on the same issue.


Click Here for Letter of GS/SNATTA


Click Here for Letter of GS/BSNLEU



09.05.2016 SNATTA is actively trying to include 2009 batch TTAs to 2nd upcoming LICE on 28.08.2016.We want to send the message to all LICE aspirants specially 2009 batch TTAs that your association will not sit idle until and unless your dream of becoming a JTO is met.Just keep your faith on SNATTA.


09.05.2016 As we all know tommorrow is a very vital day as 7th Membership Verification will commence on 10.05.2016,CHQ is requesting all CS,CP,CCs of all circles to make a good colaboration with BSNLEU local leadership to be a good helping hand and make sure to represent SNATTA at every level.


08.05.2016 A Grief Message


Our brother Shri Asesh Narayan Biswas TTA/Panihati Tel Exch Kolkata has met a fatal motorbike accident and injured badly.He is now in treatment in Appolo Hospital,Kolkata.He is from 2014 TTA Recruitment batch.Lets pray to almighty for his quick recovery and may he come back to his office quickly.

















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